4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant


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The fourth week of pregnancy – it is one moth or the first trimester

During the fourth week after the conception the forming of fetus starts, during this term the fetus changes into the embryo, which looks like a flat disk. From that period, the embryo starts to grow actively, different little tissues and necessary for living organs are forming. The embryo consists of three leaves; all of them take part in process of cellular growing:

  1. Endoderm (internal layer) – takes part in forming of gastrointestinal tract, lungs and liver.
  2. Mesoderm (middle layer) – takes part in forming of heart, vessels, skeleton and muscle fibers.
  3. Ectoderm (top layer) – forms skin, hair, teeth enamel, eyeballs and central nervous system.

Most women often have health problems during this period. Some special symptoms appear: breasts become inflated and more sensitive, even a slight touch is painful, the mood changes suddenly, it is very difficult to control emotional state. All these symptoms are the signs of forming of fetus, and you are pregnant for almost 100%, but if you need proofs, you can do a pregnancy test. The test shows the presence of hormone chorionic gonadotropin, which appears during pregnancy. The highest concentration of hormone in blood is in the fifth week, but you can use the test earlier.

The forth week of pregnancy, from the medical point of view, means in fact two weeks from the conception. The fetus in this period is embryo, which is already attached to the uterus. Every day there will be a lot changes in woman’s body, as a new life is forming inside. A pregnant woman may not notice her state in this period. However, the first characteristics can appear in the fourth week, although as they are similar to symptoms before periods, women may pay no attention to them.

Emotional Sate

Quite often pregnancy can provoke changes of woman’s emotional background. Often a pregnant woman becomes nervous and excitable, tearful and extremely sensitive. Some women feel constant tiredness. Others often vomit.

Sudden changes of emotional state, tearfulness and other demonstration of emotions are obvious signs of forming of a tiny human being inside of a woman’s body. Every organism is individual, that is why there are women, who are pregnant for a month already, but they do not know about it.


In the fourth week woman’s breasts change. They become inflated, mammillae become extremely unusually sensitive. These physiological changes are similar to signs of menstruation, which can be a reason why a woman does not know about her pregnancy. In fact, breasts react to hormonal changes even in the first term, and they start to specialize to unusual state of body.

What Is Happening With A Baby

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At the beginning of a pregnancy, the fetus is called usually an embryo. It looks like a flat disk, consisting of three layers. These surroundings are the tissues for development of future baby’s organs. The internal tissue will develop lungs, pancreas, stomach, bowels and liver.

The middle layer takes part in forming of skeleton, muscle fibers, kidneys, heart and body circulation. The top layer forms teeth, central nervous system, head and skin.

In the fourth week of pregnancy the embryo is about 2 mm. Meanwhile not big organism grows very fast and forms. At the same time in this period other important organs outside the embryo are forming. In particular, chorion – an organ, which forms placenta, and the future bag of waters is called embryo. These organs are very important, because they take part in breathing, nutrition and have protection functions for the future baby.


Therefore, not thinking about the fact of pregnancy, a woman takes all changes of her body as signs of menstruation. In about the fourth week of pregnancy periods must start according to the rules of physiology, but they do not. Missing of periods is the sign of impregnation and that the fertilized egg has successfully attached in uterus.

The fact of missing periods is called “suppression”, which is a main sign of four weeks pregnancy. Some women can experience bloody spotting, but is not menstruation. Nevertheless, not every pregnant woman knows about this. In fact, this spotting is the result of bleeding, which appears after 5-6 days attaching of the fetus to the uterus.

Discharges In The Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

Not only missing periods and bloody discharges tell about pregnancy during this term. Discharges become thicker and more intensive, without definite color and smell. These discharges on the fourth week are normal. If the discharges are brown of with blood and with pain in back, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Picture Of Belly On The 4th Week

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Threaten Of Miscarries And Bleeding

Pregnant women, who even do not know about it, can experience bleeding in the fourth week of pregnancy, and they consider it as menstruation. In fact, it can be miscarriage. Not frequent it can happen unpredictable for a woman. Therefore, she cannot even know that she has been pregnant. Spontaneous termination and miscarriage can happen for different reasons. Among negative there are infection with high temperature, drinking alcoholic beverages, drastic medicine, hard physical overwork or emotional stresses.

Pregnancy Test

Bleeding or miscarriage is very sad event for women, who do not plan termination. As pregnancy tests, do not give positive results in the term of one month. It happen because the amount of new hormone of pregnancy, which is called chorion, is not enough in urine. The amount of this hormone in blood has already increased, but there is very little in urine so that the test could catch it. Because of this, tests, which are done in the fourth week can still give negative result and do not show the obvious pregnancy. To get correct result specialists recommend to do tests during the next week, when the concentration of that hormone in urine will be enough.

Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound it the first terms of gestation can tell about so-called “yellow body” of pregnancy. It grows constantly, making the process of nutrition of a fetus until it ripens and placenta starts to work normally. Beside these, corpus luteum secrets hormone progesterone, which helps to keep the pregnancy.

Ultrasound devices can diagnose embryo, attached to the uterus, even after the fourth week of pregnancy. It should be noticed, that ultrasound scans are not usually done in so early term. As a woman only starts to think about her pregnancy and only has enough courage to make a pregnancy test. By the way, many women think that ultrasound scans during early terms is very harmful for the embryo.

Ultrasound In The 4th Week

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Blood Analysis

Pregnancy test in the fourth week cannot give the positive result that you are pregnant, but the blood analysis of hCG at this term can give this positive result if you are pregnant. As the concentration of new hormones in blood is high, its suddenly increased index is the obvious sign of current pregnancy. During the normal pregnancy as well increases the amount of produced progesterone.

Changes In Uterus

Because of the changes of hormonal background in the fourth week the changes in uterus also appear. Hormone progesterone promotes the embryo to attach in uterus, which becomes a little larger and more flexible. The mucus plug of thick structure is forming inside, it provides the embryo’s “house” safety. This plug prevent embryo from different infections from the starting of development until the labor.

Dragging Pain In The Abdomen

Very often in this period, a pregnant woman experiences abdominal pain. This discomfort can be connected with the rapid forming of embryo and the process of rearrangement of woman’s body because of the pregnancy changes. Beside, women who have painful periods, can experience this discomfort during this term. This term is crucial, because in this time, this pregnant woman must have periods, but she does not. Pain in lower part of belly can be provoked by increased uterine tone. It happens that this discomfort can end with bleeding and spontaneous miscarriage. That is why consult your doctor and it will prevent all these negative effects.


Ordinary cold can provoke spontaneous miscarriage during this period of pregnancy. The embryo is extremely vulnerable and can be influenced by even a slight factor. Do not panic and do not go into hysterics, as stress and emotional misbalance are very dangerous. Any factor can effect on forming of future fetus. Cold without high temperature is not dangerous. Have rapid and effective treatment. Clean out your nose with salted water. Drink more warm tea with honey and lemon juice. To get effective treatment of cough use plant medicine on the base of licorice roots. Try to avoid crowd places during seasonal epidemic.

High temperature about 38 degrees is rather harmful for normal pregnancy and embryo’s development. High temperature can provoke miscarriage. Be reasonable and do not do self-treatment. Consult a doctor immediately. Try to build your immunity before the pregnancy, so that you could gestate without these problems.


Drinking beverages in the fourth week of pregnancy is very harmful, as it can make nonreversible pathologies of embryo’s forming, which is very vulnerable during this period. Alcohol can be a reason of spontaneous miscarriage. Alcohol contains toxic elements, which destroy normal embryo’s development. As the result, the probability of having a baby with anomalies and defects in development increases. It will be reasonable to exclude alcohol not only during pregnancy and suckling but also before conception.


If the development of pregnancy is normal, coitus does not make any harm. If there is a threatened miscarriage with increased uterine note, you should be more careful and consult a doctor. Women, who do not know that they are pregnant, do not feel any difference in sexual intercourse. Sometimes women do not need sex in the fourth week of pregnancy, because of changes of the mood and emotional excitement.

Nutrition In The Fourth Week

The topic of nutrition is actual during not only pregnancy, but also when you are planning to have a baby. Some toxic substances can negatively influence on forming of a fetus, that is why you should keep an eye on food that you eat. The nutrition must be well thought-out and reasonable, after the consultation with a specialist, as the lack of definite vitamins and microelements can give negative effect on the pregnancy. You should eat a lot of healthy natural products.

Sausages and smoked products should be changed into boiled meat. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Being pregnant, a woman must think not only about herself but also she is responsible for a future baby’s life. Proper nutrition – is the recipe for baby’s health.

Useful to know: In this period, pregnancy test gives positive result.

Advice And Recommendations

  • Do not panic, if your nipples start to become inflated and your breast become larger and more sensitive after the third week of pregnancy.
  • You also should not worry if you feel slight pain in low part of belly and spotty discharges. Nevertheless, have a doctor’s consultation if the discharges are rich, and the pain is constant.
  • Often have a rest if you feel tired and sleepiness. These are normal processes.
  • You can make a pregnancy test or make blood analysis of “pregnancy hormones”.
  • Learn more information about toxicities and correct your nutrition if your morning sickness becomes regular.
  • Do simple special exercises for the first trimester, eat more vitamins, do not carry heavy things and avoid stresses.
  • Forget abut smoking and drinking!

Multiple Pregnancy In The Fourth Week

Every multiple and singleton pregnancy appears after the conception, and the counting of weeks starts from the day of beginning of the last period. The nature has endow a woman with carrying a baby a giving a birth to one, twin pregnancy differs from singleton one. Twins are born in the 37th week, but infants can be born in the 35th week, as the period of forming is faster, and they can be born healthy.

You do not even feel that you are pregnant, because this month goes in a moment. In this term, the egg is forming, and giving a birth to one baby or two depends upon that. You will not notice any changes in your body, until the time when you miss your periods, and if you have found our article and are reading it, so you have the exact case, and this term has already passed. And, most likely you wonder, how this multiple pregnancy has happened.

Unusual is ovulation and first days after the conception, this shows the multiple pregnancy. What babies you will have depends upon the first weeks of pregnancy, because you know that twins can be different. Twins can be from the same egg and from different eggs. If the pregnancy becomes after fertilization of one egg you will have identical twins, if the ovulation is dual, you will have fraternal twins.

Sophia says:

I'm on the 4th week, please, tell me what vitamins it is necessary to take for pregnant women, if the doctor does not appoint that. The first and I do not know pregnancy what better to buy.

Ana says:

From the very beginning of pregnancy I have been taking “Elevit”, my gynecologist recommended me to do so. You should ask your doctor and he or she’ll tell you what vitamins suit you best.

Mai says:

Hello! I'm 4 weeks pregnant and need some advice how to relieve the pain in the abdomen. Maybe, someone knows a thing that works?

Megan Earl says:

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months now and I've been trying to learn everything that I possibly can about pregnancy. This post mentions that ultrasound devices can diagnose embryo even after the fourth week of pregnancy. That's pretty cool. I would love to learn more about ultrasound equipment and how it works.

Karlita says:

I am almost 5 wks pregnant. I have had 2 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies prior to this pregnancy. I do have an old child who I had an easy going birth with. I don't understand what happened after her because I seem to have complications since. I am so nervous about my current pregnancy. I have been experiencing cramping and lower back pain. I am trying to stay positive but it is kind of hard with my history. Keep me and my embryo in your prayers, please!

sadgirl says:

I haven't had my period since January and its march now does that mean that im pregnant

Babe Edwards says:

I just found out that I was pregnant Tuesday night. My first time going to the doctor was today. I'm 4weeks. Now I'm bleeding a little bit now. I pray to God that my baby is fine. He say I might be having a miscarriage. I pray I'm not. So I go back Monday. I did call them back and let him know about the bleeding. So keep me in your prayers

Charmaine says:

Am ove sleeping evean i wake up early but still after drinking tea my body tells me that i must sleep.i dnt knw if im pregnent or what am confeused...when am presing ma stumuch i fill hard thinh inside and something beat like a heart beat so in need of ur help please.


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