35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant


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35 weeks of pregnancy how many months? It is the end of the 8th month or the 3rd trimester.

What to Expect at 35 Weeks Pregnant

The 35th week of pregnancy – is wonderful time. Most of working future mothers are already on maternity leave and can fully enjoy communication with the future baby, can find the suitable schedule and start preparing the future baby’s room of baby’s clothes.

Most like you have already learnt who you are waiting for – a boy or a girl, and maybe you have already chosen the name for future little one. And what is going on inside? It’s a dark secret. It is the most mysterious and magic action of the nature. What changes are going with the baby, and what processes in mother’s body are telling about them?

What is Happening With the Baby (Fetus)

35 Weeks Pregnant 1Fingernails grow till the end of fingers. Very often babies are born with “manicure”, when the nails are long and thin as tape. However, even a very active fetus, despite of tightness, can scratch his skin, as it is very delicate and vulnerable. Sometimes these scratches are on the face of a baby after delivery, as he touches his face with his fingers too sharply and unconsciously.

The layer of fat, which protects his body from cold (the nature foresees that when the fetus leaves the mother's body, he will be cold), grows, in especially shoulder girdle, and the lanugo (protective fur) is almost gone. The fetus slowly moves down, and hid head starts to enter the birth canal and a future mother can feel the uterus’s contractions. The fetus gains up actively, his weight is now not less then 2.5 kilos. In case if the delivery come earlier, the baby is ready to live and adapt to the new environment.

Mother should eat more often, but separate, so that there are no discomfort either for mother nor for a baby, as the stomach, which is propped up from below, cannot function as usual, and you should be attentive to your lifestyle. You should keep rest, do easy exercises, but limit your physical trainings not to provoke uterus tone and premature delivery.

Growing uterus weigh heavily on the bladder, that makes you go to the toilet even at night, that is why try to drink less before night. Limit your drinking before night is better for one more reason – to prevent edemata. You should also think about your poses of rest during night sleep.

Do not sleep on the back, as the circulation system under the weight of the uterus with the baby and the waters can experience extreme strain and the back pain can appear. This can disturb the fetus as the oxygen inflow will be limited. Many pregnant women 35 weeks before the birth, begin to feel not only normal perturbation of the child, but his hiccups, which is perceived as a regular rhythmic tremors.

The Pregnancy Term at 35 Weeks

In the 35th week of pregnancy (that is 8.5 calendar months and almost 9 lunar months, as a lunar month is 28 days or four weeks) your pregnancy goes through the last stages, the body prepares to labor, and very important processes are going with you and your baby.

The 10 lunar months (280 days) the pregnancy is full-term pregnancy and the labor can start anytime, and meanwhile the fetal organism is getting ready to enter the new world. It is well developed, and it works as our organism, as a whole one. Adrenal glands start to produce hormones for supporting the fluid-and-electrolyte and mineral balances.

Fat and muscle masses grow every week, and gain in weight about 200-220 gr. and baby’s height is about 47 sm. His skin has its individual design, finger prints, facial features (especially if you see them in 3D ultrasound or make a picture) become recognizable after birth. Color of eyes, as a rule, muddy-grey of grey-blue, it depends upon the future iris of a baby, but all these will be later.

Skin wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes smoother and becomes of pinky color. As a rule, in this term the head is usually positioned down into the pelvis, and his head and shoulders enter the pelvis. He becomes calmer and less active as he has grown and there is little space. Head down position is comfortable and natural for a baby and as the coming labor is very close, so this position is ideal.

The Mother's Abdomen

In the 35th week of pregnancy mother’s belly often looks not very wonderful. Sometimes, the strip down from navel becomes very dark, this pigment will disappear after the labor, but in this term it looks rather strange. The navel is sticking out, it may be seen even under the clothes.

Because of the skin stretching the whole belly scratches, in this case you can try dumping creams or creams from stretch marks. And the process of digestion is rather uncomfortable now. All these changes are temporary, and all will disappear after the labor, you will not even notice how it will happen.

The most frightening fact in this period is Braxton Hicks contractions, in other words practice contractions. They are noticeable but not painful, as the uterus is getting ready to the labor, and the length of these contractions is not longer than two minutes.

35 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

35 Weeks Pregnant 2

35 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 35 weeks 3 days pregnant.

Mother’s Feelings, Symptoms and Fetus Movements

Breathlessness – is quite common in this term of pregnancy. If the breathlessness gives much trouble you can practice simple complex of exercises. Take the cat’s pose (on your knees and lean on hands), relax your back and shoulders, make a slow deep breath, and then slow breathe out. If the shortness of breath does not relief you’d better call the emergency. This condition is caused by the grown uterus, which has moved apart and flattened all the organs of abdominal and pectoral antrums, the lungs are a little deformed and they cannot open during breathe in as they usual do.

In a week or two, the belly starts to go down – the uterus will be getting ready to labor, and the baby’s head enters the pelvic and stays there till the labor. It gives some troubles for a pregnant woman in pelvic, but the breathing becomes easy. Earlier, the bottom of uterus was about 35 sm. from the pubic symphysis and 15 sm. above the navel, and now you can put your hand between the bottom of uterus and the chest.

One more unpleasant moment of future mother’s feeling - is heartburn. The heartburn usually connect with the fell of the future baby – the longer and thicker the hair is, the more heartburn feels mother, and nevertheless, there are no proofs from medical point of view, in fact it happens only in this case. To ease the heartburn you should keep an eye in your nutrition, don’t drink juice with high amount of acid elements, don’t eat smoked, fried, fat, pickled and tomato products.

Sometimes at night, even when a mother is tired after the day’s troubles, future mother cannot fall asleep. Insomnia is rather often happens, and the reason is not only physical discomfort from the huge belly and the impossibility to sleep for a long time in one pose, but the reason is also nervous effort on the eve of labor. Nowadays special pillows and bolsters to full height are offered to pregnant women for more comfort and for unloading the backbone. You can find comfortable position for sleep with the help of these pillows.

Limit your drinking after 6 p.m., not to make your body work with a great effort, to moving less during night to avoid hypostases. Don’t try to drink sedative medicine to escape the insomnia. First, it will go directly to the fetus, second – there are more natural and not less effective ways, such as walking on fresh air before going to bed, limitation of day sleeping if you have it, you can try calming fancy-work (if you are not superstitious), or listening to relaxing placatory music of reading a nice book.

The emotional experience of pregnant women before the labors are natural and understandable – as your own baby will soon be looking into your eyes and handing you his small hands, and you will feel each other and hear the breath. And to organize more comfortable for a baby place you should take into account a lot. Anyway you should remember that for a tiny baby the most important is his or her mother, her sincerity and unreserved love, the rest you can easily buy after the labor.

Often there is no need in some things that is why, if you don’t mind, you can entrust part of baby cares to your relatives, so do it. The emotional support is also very important, so don’t be shy to tell about your needs and feelings to your family or to your friends. From your friends, who have already given birth, you will hear a lot of similar stories and you will understand that there are no reasons for being nervous. Think only about positive and that your labor will be successful, nice and fast, to do everything in a right way and all your best to help your baby to get over all the difficulties to the way to you.

Ultrasound at 35 Weeks Pregnancy

Ultrasound in the 35th week is prescribed to make sure that the fetus is developing in a right way and to prepare for the labor. If the sex of the baby has not being defined before, it is not inconceivable that the doctor can do it now, but all depends upon the baby, as he or she is already large and his or her position has an influence on many perspectives.

During the ultrasound doctor sizes up the condition of a fetus according to his parameters of motion activity and heart beating, bloodstream and makes the general checkup. It is important now to make medical assessment of amniotic fluid and cervix of the uterus, placenta and umbilical cord. Placenta is most likely will be of the second grade, and only to the 36th week the third grade will be a good factor.

The nature has thought over the term, which is meant for placenta as the protecting, nutrition and cozy environment for a baby - his first house, in which there is everything necessary. By the end of pregnancy placenta usually fulfills its functions and becomes mature, and at the same time its resources run out. To define its condition and risk of premature labor or on the contrary post maturity, the procedure of doppler sonography.

Ultrasound diagnostic gives the doctors an opportunity to make sure that the fetus does not have any pathologies and that his position inside the uterus is right. Exactly now if you have any problems you will be prescribed cesarean section or medical observation in hospital till labor. Every nuance will be important: weight and edema of woman in childbirth, polyhydramnios or hypoxia as the result of nuchal cord, wrong position of the baby before the labor, state of both patients’ health, diseases overcame in the third trimester and so on.

Do not rely on the doctor’s decision as it is the only one, if you do not agree to him, you have the right to consult another specialist. There is only one thing that you should remember the decision should be made taking onto account not only your interests but also taking into account maximum interests of your baby.

35 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

35 Weeks Pregnant 3

35 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

35 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

35 Week Ultrasound Boy

35 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

35 Week Ultrasound Girl

The Parturient Woman’s Weight at 35 Weeks

The parturient woman’s weight – is an individual for every woman concept. In this case the role plays weight before pregnancy and schedule of recommendations fulfillment, edemas and polyhydramnios, and may be twin pregnancy. On average, you should gain about 13 kg. in weight, it includes baby’s weight, weight of amniotic fluid, enlarged uterus, breasts and placenta. The blood amount will be one liter more and it also tells upon the weight. Because of removal of the center of gravity, in this period you should take care of your health, do not be nervous, do not strain, do not make sudden movements because you can lose balance and fall down.

You should not be afraid of body fat; the wise nature not only takes care about your pregnancy, but also after the labor this fat will be used for milk formation. More vitamins form vegetables and fruit should be added into your nutrition, it will be batter to remove floury and sweet products. This will help to avoid one more attendant effect – thrush of pregnant women, which disappear after labor as well as it has appeared.

When the belly grows and the displacement of the center of gravity the backbone, the small of the back and legs experience titanic loads. Often, not to take anesthetizing medicine, future mothers suffer from the awful aching pain twenty-four hours a day, the bandage will help to relieve the state, often it can be used and after the delivery. For the best blood-stream it is recommended to change a body pose each 15-20 minutes and not to walk for a long distance on foot not to tire out.

The gymnastics for pregnant women is very good, it provides easy warm-up for areas, subjected to the largest strain is good, and it means that all exercises should be done very slowly. The correct breath also influences health, moreover, if you learn this technique, then during the labor it will be good help. Air the room more often to breathe always fresh air.

Sometimes future mother has discomfort and pain in breasts. It is connected with the preparation of lactiferous gland for producing colostrums and milk for your baby. Take care about having a couple of new comfortable for feeding bras in your wardrobe, when you buy them don’t forget that breasts will enlarge more, if you plan breast feeding.

In the 35th week there can be hard pains in subcostal area. You baby tries to warm-up. It is too tight for him inside, so you can feel his every movement, especially when you have other loadings it is very painful. Talk to your baby, touch him through the thin skin and placenta, he will hear your voice, feel your warm and touches. The most important now is your contact with the baby and unanimity.

Your comfort – is the guarantee of comfort of your baby that is why think about tandem: you take care about him, and he does not hurt you. Pain and cramps in the lower part of belly signs about coming labor, that’s why if you have menstrual cramping, sharp and dull ache you should consult a doctor.

Diarrhea at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Diarrhea at 35 weeks of pregnancy is a quite rare phenomenon. Diarrhea from a medical point of view is a frequent bowel movement. Often on such gestational age constipation occurs that is related to woman's emotional experiences. Many may be interested by the question - why in pregnant women the diarrhea appears at the later stages of pregnancy. The answer to this question is ambiguous.

Causes of diarrhea are very diverse. It can be bacterial or viral infections, such as dysentery, salmonellosis, typhoid fever. Often, the cause could be helminthic infestation, especially if the pregnant has not undergone periodic analyses on worms. Food also plays an important role in the development of diarrhea. Use of not fresh, low-quality food can lead to food poisoning and intoxication of the organism.

But these are all the causes that arise regardless of pregnancy. Liquid stool may be the result of toxicosis of pregnant at the late stages of pregnancy. Accompanying and additional signs may be nausea, vomiting. To the infectious nature of diarrhea would testify high temperatures and the outflow of the pathogen from the feces of a sick woman.

35 Weeks Pregnant: Know Your Baby's Position at 35 Week Pregnancy

Sex at 35 Weeks Pregnancy

In last terms of pregnancy sex gives more trouble than pleasure. The reason is fear of preterm labor, do harm to a baby of just physical discomfort because of large belly, absence of easiness and mobility and tiredness of constant pains in back. Sex is not contraindicated, even more, the sperm has positive effect on the cervix of the uterus, makes it more elastic, is the sex is unprotected. The condoms in this case first, are purposeless, second often give allergies as the flora inside has already changed. If you are sure in your partner you can ignore means of protection.

Sometimes sex in last term is not recommended. It is connected with a low placentation, that is threat of premature labor because of an uterus tone. Also you shouldn't indulge in love joys if you have twin pregnancy – during twin pregnancy all risks increase many times more, as well as all loads. Touches to breasts also can provoke the uterus tone that will entail in turn a hypoxia of the baby, because of impossibility to get oxygen fully.

If the mucus plug has already moved, vagina becomes the direct conductor of infections to your baby, besides it is a sign of coming labor. The plug looks like clots of mucus, with or without bloody impregnations.

Discharges at 35 Weeks Pregnancy

The nature of discharges can be various – from mucous and bloody, to flaked and bubbling. Pains, burnings, an itch, discomfort – are signal to consult the doctor and to make the analysis of flora.

Most often in the last terms of pregnancy appears thrush. The infection needs to be treated before labor, otherwise the baby going through birth canal will take it, and then Candida's fungus will give an inconvenience to both of you. It is absolutely normal if colostrums drops appear from breasts (especially if a woman has already had a baby), there are also changes and processes in breasts directed to a natural function of a woman who has become a mother too.

If colorless liquid flows out from a vagina – it means that leaking amniotic fluid. It is time to go to hospital for the baby. Waters can promptly brake, having a rush stream. After this, contractions, which have been almost imperceptible or tolerant before, will intensify and will become quite painful. Here you need the correct breath and support of the family. It is worth attending courses or at least watching videos about anesthetizing massage, what points can be used for this massage.

White Tthick Discharge

Vaginal discharges at this stage of development of the baby will be of no good. For example, on the 35th week the white discharges of curdy or bubbling nature is a sure sign of thrush. Women often face this very unpleasant disease only in the last weeks of pregnancy, when it is especially dangerous.

With thrush on the 35th week of pregnancy the woman feels uncomfortable burning sensation as well as swelling of the genital organs. That is why you must fight the disease as quickly as possible for the delivery to really take place normally and without causing harm to the fetus.

Labor at 35 Weeks Pregnancy

The right labor comes in the 40th week. But it happens that the baby is hurrying to get out. Sometimes the doctor prescribes the preterm labor. This decision is taken in consideration of all factors of your health and the health of your baby.

In this term childbirth is usually possible and with a good outcome, that is when the baby, having been born, is ready to breathe independently. If lungs of the baby haven't managed to be prepared for the life environment, he will be connected to the device of life support and will be placed in the infant incubator with a suitable temperature and sensors of supervision over a condition of the baby.

Therefore it is so important to keep the correct lifestyle, nutrition, and have an eye on the changes of the health during the pregnancy. If all precautions are observed, then chances of positive result, even if the labor is earlier, increase for both of you.


Low insertion of placenta is revealed during ultrasound, it means that in early terms the placenta, owing to its features, having fixed on a uterus wall, has not displaced and can prevent fast and easy labor, obstructing the baby’s coming out. Big blood losses are possible.

Recommendations for Women

In the term of 35 weeks, according to regulations, visits to the doctor become more frequent. All your complains can be solved during consultations, the main thing is not to hide circumstances and not to hesitate to ask questions. Involve your relatives in preparation for childbirth, think about partner childbirth, provide yourself with all necessary things for the “X” hour, put them in your “alarm suitcase” and be quiet, healthy and reasonable.

35 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

The time has come and all the most interesting is ahead. Now the main thing is concentrating on the labor. Statistically if this week of pregnancy has passed the babies are born healthy, if you don’t have other diseases.

At successful childbirth without injuries and absence of hypoxia it is possible to take the newborn baby from the hospital. You might be ready to visit maternity hospital.

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