25 Weeks Pregnant

25 Weeks Pregnant


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25 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the middle of the 6th month or the 2nd trimester

What to Expect When 25 Weeks Pregnant

On this term of pregnancy, your baby's genital system finally forms and with help of ultrasonic diagnostics apparatus one may examine his genitals and in advance learn the baby`s sex. The supporting-motor system continues to develop and the skeleton forms. The fetus more often moves hands, clenching fists. Already on this stage, having analyzed mobility of one or another hand, one can make a conclusion, if the child will be left-handed or right-handed.

The future mother better feels her baby and, having remained in silence, can even hear his heart beating. The physician observing you can hear the heartbeat more distinctly, having used a special tube. It can also help to determine whether a baby sleeps or wakes because the regime of the child by no means always coincides with the mother's daily schedule.

The mother`s state of health breaks down: frequent heartburn, common ill health, a rib pain, diaphragm inter area pressure can discomfort. The increase in the weight gained of the child up to 700 grams, as well as the volume gain are the cause of that. It is necessary to turn to your doctor immediately at the manifestation of frequent heartburn, because heartburn can acquire a chronic form of gastritis.

Doctors always calculate women's pregnancy in weeks. The most pressing question for future mothers is to what's number of months 25 weeks correspond. Well, taking into account that one obstetric month corresponds to 28 days, in other words, to 4 weeks, it is 6 months, the beginning of the 7th. On the 7th month of pregnancy, approximately 15 weeks remain before the labor. During this period, it is recommended to be in the open air more often, follow the healthy meal plan. And above all, do not skip planned examinations.

What is Happening to a Child

25 Weeks Pregnant 0In this stage of growth, the baby's stature is approximately 24-30 cm and weight is approximately 700 grams. The fetus rapidly develops and, according to the external physiological data, is ready to be born. But it is too early to be born for him, because lungs are formed insufficiently (alveoli covered with special substance inhibiting their coalescence are forming). Therefore, while they are not entirely formed, the child is not able to breathe on his own.

Besides, on the 7th month, the formation of baby auricles occurs and, if the child is born before the due time, doctors state the prematurity basing on them. On top of that, until the 25th week of pregnancy, the liver and the spleen are responsible for the blood formation function, from this moment, the bone marrow borrows this function to the full for itself.

The baby already distinguishes odors well, can smile, wince, his pain sensations are shown. The baby's mood depends on the mother's condition. The development of the baby muscles and bones continues. At the 25th week, the baby starts moving more, therefore the mother can feel more intense pushes, than it was previously. At the same time, the motion coordination is more perfect. The baby covers his face by his hands, sucks his finger. In 25 weeks, using ultrasound, one can determine the sex of the child with high accuracy because the genitals are already formed.

Abdominal Proportions

By this time, the abdomen of the future birthing mother is already noticeably rounded under effect of her baby stature. The abdomen grows constantly and enlarges by one cm per week averagely. This rapid growth and thickening of the abdomen of the pregnant woman seriously affect her gait and bearing.

By this term of pregnancy, the woman can have short breathing and heartburn. It is connected with the uterus magnified in its proportions pressing on internal organs. The uterus enlargement can also lead to constipations. Therefore, on this period of pregnancy, such food products as beet- root, prunes and some others possessing purgative effect are usually introduced into the diet of the future mother.

However, women should not reduce their activity level by no means. They should move even more. This will contribute to strengthening of muscles of their abdomen. Great attention should also be given to the correct respiration of the pregnant woman, which subsequently will bring benefit and help her at the labor.

25 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

25 Weeks Pregnant 1

25 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: big bellies at 25 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Morning Sickness at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Nausea at 25 weeks of pregnancy is a reliable sign of a beginning of gestosis as toxicosis ends already on 16-20 week of pregnancy along with the completion of maturation and beginning of functioning of the placenta.

Nausea, covering the second trimester of pregnancy, leads an obstetrician-gynecologist to suggest the need for careful monitoring of pregnancy, prescribing preparations to facilitate this condition. Nausea in the second half of pregnancy is an adverse factor in pregnancy and testifies about malfunctions in the mother's body, and about possible problems in the development of the fetus.

On the mother's side as problems may be: hormonal disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other somatic pathology. From the fetus side this symptom can manifest itself as a abnormality of the protective function of the placenta, amniotic hormone synthesizing function of amnion, chorion and placenta.

If there are complaints of a pregnant on an intense nausea, vomiting and general malaise in the second half of pregnancy, the expectant mother must be hospitalized and followed-up in order to avoid complications and abortion.

Ultrasound at 25 Weeks Pregnancy

The main purpose of ultrasound scan on this term of pregnancy is comparative analysis of the current and previous indicators. Fetal development may not correspond to the term of pregnancy according to some indicators. In this case, the doctor with higher probability will assign additional survey in order to find out the cause of lapses.

The key indicators of the studies to be performed are the following:

  • the diameter of the head circumference is equal to 62.3 mm;
  • the diameter of the chest volume is 63.1 mm;
  • the diameter of the abdominal girth is 64.2 mm;
  • the placenta thickness is approximately equal to 26.22 mm.

Great importance is attached to such an indicator as heartbeat while the fetus examination. The baby's heart must produce approximately 140-150 beats per minute. At the same time, even the baby`s father can hear the heartbeat.

25 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

25 Weeks Pregnant 2

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

25 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

25 Week Ultrasound Boy

25 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

25 Week Ultrasound Girl

25 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

25 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Uterus State

The growth of the uterus does not discontinue. Its proportions reach extent of a ball. On this term of the mother's pregnancy, the position of the fundus of her uterus is very important. It must already be approximately 25-27 cm above the pubis, which characterizes proper development of placenta and the fetus. Otherwise, if there are lapses here, the doctor, who watches this pregnant woman, should first undertake additional testing and examination in order to reveal reasons caused lapses.

The contraction of the uterus is a normal occurrence on the 25 week of pregnancy. This is progressive preparation and training of a kind of the uterus of the pregnant woman for the forthcoming baby birth. The future mother can sometimes feel such contractions. However, one must remember, if the contractions of the uterus are accompanied by gradually reinforcing pains, cramping and cramps, one needs to address urgently to the specialist or call home emergency medical aid.

In a case of some tension, for example, during a cough, sneeze, or bend – the pregnant woman can also experience discomfort and some unpleasant sensations, which are accompanied by mild pains. It is conditioned by the high loads, to which the muscles supporting the uterus, are being exposed. This phenomenon is considered normal condition and the future mother should not strongly worry in this case.

What to Do in Case of Pains?

The pains can be not only in the area of the stomach, caused by loads on muscles of the uterus, but in the lower back. The spine of the woman under weight of her abdomen experiences colossal tension too. Therefore, unpleasant sensations or pains in the area of her back or pelvis can disturb the future mother.

One can slightly decrease the pain level, implementing the following rules:

  1. Wear convenient and practical shoes without a heel.
  2. Try to sit only in armchairs or on chairs with a back, having slightly put your legs forward.
  3. You do not sit for a long time on a solid surface.
  4. Try to carefully stand up off a bed.
  5. Bend or squat correctly.
  6. Daily going in for gymnastics for pregnant women will help to strengthen muscles of the abdomen and back.
  7. It is recommended to wear an abdominal support and use special compression stockings.

In view of active growth of the fetus and his pushes becoming more frequent pains in hypochondrium can disturb the woman. In such a case, the future parturient can just change the position of her body.

Often the pregnant woman has pains while defecation. If feces with blood impurities is observed, it can indicate an anal fissure. Do not let this problem go with the flow lest subsequently hemorrhoids develop. Take preventive measures against constipation in time.

Often future mothers get headaches on this term of pregnancy. It is related to reduction of arterial tension in most cases. It is not worth dealing with self-medication in this case, but urgently one must address to the specialist who will prescribe the sparing drugs, which will not cause harm to your baby.

What Should Be the Kind of Discharge?

The discharge without special odor, transparent one or with white impurities is considered normal. Inversely, tyroid discharge with sour odor accompanied by itch and soreness can indicate that you have Candidiasis. If the Candidiasis is not stopped before the labor, there is a high probability to infect your child while labor activity. In addition, one must refrain from intake of sweets and farinaceous food.

The effuse of amniotic fluid of the woman should alarm, because this is one of the signs of the premature birth. If this discharge is abundant, the parturient must be immediately delivered to the hospital for finding out of causes of similar discharge and stabilization of the woman's condition.

Different kind of discharge must not go unnoticed, because there is a high percentage of genital infections growth in this period. Especially, if discharge has strong smell and color. In such a case, a swab for test is taken, based on the results of this test appropriate treatment is provided. It is contributing to prophylaxis and prevention of the fetus infecting.

One is to know, that the bloody impurities in the mother's discharge after intimacy or survey by a gynecologist, show an erosion of the uterine cervix. The appearance of these impurities in such a case is not accompanied by pains in the bottom part of the abdomen. The specialists recommend to treat these diseases just in this period.

25 Weeks Pregnant: Watch Your Little One’s Growth this Week

General Health

Besides the above-mentioned pains, women can have severity and sensations of pain in legs on the 25th week of pregnancy. Women, who have predispositions to varix dilatation, must give special attention to this problem. In this case, it is recommended to wear special stockings. It is also recommended for prevention of enlargement of veins in outer genitals to keep a lying lifestyle. One must coordinate all the drugs that are used with one's doctor.

Walks in the open air are recommended to the future mothers, but one does not need to overstrain. If you feel leg pains, for removal of tiredness and sensations of pain, legs can be put higher, than the level of your body while sleep. For example, a pillow or a blanket can serve as the bolster for legs.

Sex at 25 Weeks Pregnancy

If condition of a pregnant woman, as well as the process of fetal development occur normally, contraindications for sexual contact are absent. But one needs to remember, the man particularly needs to behave carefully and accurately without flips and deep movements during intimacy.

If, on the contrary, there are any medical contraindications or deviations in fetal development, in such cases the physician can urgently recommend reduction or a complete elimination of intimacy.

What Analyses are Necessary?

It is recommended to visit a doctor on the 25th week at least once in 28 days. The planned examinations in this period of pregnancy are particularly important and are needed by an issue of analyses. The physician, according to the data of these analyses, can assess normal development or some deviations.

In turn, it will give a possibility to anticipate or prevent the further anomalies in development. The woman should be considerate towards her health, and report about all changes in her state in time to the physician, who watches her.

Nutrition and Food

Child development requires from a woman to adhere to proper and above all healthy nutrition. To avoid anemia of differing degree, it is healthy for the woman to take in her diet of meals such helpful foodstuffs as oatmeal, buckwheat, cooked beef, liver, prunes, beet-root, bran, pulses.

Daily diet of nutrition of the future mother must include food with high content of protein and amino acids. Courses must be cooked only from fresh foodstuffs. Therefore, buying foodstuffs in the store, one is to be careful and pay attention to the expiry date and the manufacture date of food products.

Intake of fatty, spicy, fried and smoked food must be excluded, or at least must be reduced to minimum as well. Much salt, sweet and flour products are not recommended as well. The intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, compotes and juices will be the most useful. Overeating is absolutely forbidden.

How Much Should You Weigh

The woman must keep her weight trim, control it by weekly weighting. She should better record the result for the control. The gain in weight on the 25th week should be about 6-7 kilograms. One should not excess this norm. It can affect the forthcoming labor.

Dangers Symptoms

In consequence of the magnified abdomen the woman feels pressure on all the internal organs of an abdominal cavity, because of which she can experience discomfort, heartburn, and general depressing. Often tiredness and tension in legs are also felt under pressure of heaviness of the abdomen. It can lead to varix dilatation and a lot of stretch marks.

Recommendations for Women

  • It is not worth to feel embarrassed wearing a bandage, but it must be well adjusted to support the abdomen without compressing it at the same time while wearing. The use of an elastic bandage is sufficiently effective method of prevention of varix dilatation.
  • One can fight against stretch marks using different creams, as well as producing from time to time a gentle pinching massage of body areas with stretch marks.
  • Eat healthy food, spend much time in the open air, do gymnastic exercises corresponding to the term of pregnancy – it is helpful for the baby and will give a possibility to retain an excellent figure of the mother after the labor.

Video Guide: 25 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy With Twins at 25 Weeks

Three weeks remain before your go on a maternity leave. But the majority of pregnant women carrying twins spend last weeks in the hospital in order to maintain the pregnancy. If you want to rid yourselves earlier of daily work, you can take a regular leave just before the maternity leave.

Your little children have subcutaneous fat, they will require it for maintaining warmth immediately after the birth. It is also useful for the babies, as it will be used to give energy to your babies until feeding is set after the birth. This so-called fat, brown fat, is formed only between scapulae and on the abdomen. The hands and the legs are thin and the skin is wrinkled.

But soon time to stockpile genuine fat will come. On the 25th week of pregnancy, the formation of the fetus nervous system takes place, the sense organs, the vestibular apparatus develop, vision and hearing refine. On this term, the immune system of twins starts to work, their organism for the first time begins to produce antibodies. Therefore, the future mother needs to carefully choose foodstuffs lest the children were born allergic persons, as there is a risk of possible allergic predisposition of twins in this period.

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The 25th week has come, I feel well, the stomach grows every day, I am already round (I am 155 cm height) the baby is kicking and already reacts to her father's voice.

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I'm also on the 25th week of pregnancy. I decided to start visiting lessons on gymnastics for pregnant women. They are said to be very beneficial for the decrease of pains that occur during the process of labor.

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How much should my baby weight at 25 weeks pregnant?

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I am 25 week yesterday very well but I still get my menses every month, little movement with negative test.


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