23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks Pregnant


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23 weeks pregnant is how many months? This is the beginning of the sixth month or the second trimester

What to Expect at 23 Weeks Pregnant

At this term, the baby becomes stronger and is making more movements in the mother’s womb. Although the woman can feel these movements, it doesn’t bring her any discomfort, on the contrary, the feeling of the long-awaited baby inside is very enjoyable. The baby’s skin and fat tissues are growing thicker. However you can’t see fat tissues during an ultrasound scan, as they are located underneath the skin.

The fetus weighs around 450 grams (16 ounces). You can already see his hair, nails, which are growing stronger and can be seen more clearly now. The gastrointestinal tract is already perfectly formed and functions well, the baby produces the first feces. Sometimes the expectant mother may feel her baby hiccupping, when the baby swallows the amniotic fluid.

You can feel pain in the uterus, which over time will sharpen. It is caused by the baby’s activity. However, you should not be afraid, this is normal, the pain passes very quickly. If you put your hand on the place from where comes the pain, you can feel the involuntary movements, triggered by the contraction of the uterus. You are already 5 months pregnant. The third trimester will start soon, now let’s talk about the fetal development and his physical state.

What is Happening With the Baby

23 Weeks Pregnant 1The baby’s brain is developing actively, his weight has increased ten times. Now the brain weighs 20-24 grams (0.7-0.85 ounce). But it’s only the beginning, it will increase by five times in the following two weeks.

For the baby’s brain development and its saturation with oxygen, it’s absolutely necessary that you walk a lot outdoors. Stress situation experienced by the mother can negatively affect the development of the baby’s brain. The pregnant should avoid stress. This can lead to hypoxia of the baby.

The twenty-third week of pregnancy for your baby is the period when he is already well developed, but by the end of pregnancy he will become stronger and healthier. The digestion system is already formed and began functioning: esophagus, stomach, pancreatic gland, large intestine and thin intestine. The lungs are training to breathe through swallowing and spitting the amniotic fluid, making movements similar to breathing 60 times per minute. That causes hiccups in the unborn baby which can feel even his mother. The amniotic fluid entering the esophagus mixing with sugar produces the first feces.

At this term it is possible to learn the baby’s sex. You can find this, having an ultrasound scan, which you are looking forward to. After all, every parent is very interested in this matter. In fact, once you’ve learned your baby’s sex, you can select a name, as well as prepare clothes and other necessary items for the baby.

At this term the baby weighs about 500 grams (17.7 ounces), and is about 29 cm (11.4 inches) long. You can already see the hair’s color, the nails have grew stronger and now are visible, too. At the term of 5 months the baby is usually asleep, he wakes up every hour for a while, then falls asleep again. It became known after the conduct of special studies, besides, at this term the baby can see his first dreams.

Symptoms and Sensations at this Term

Now you can feel the baby’s movements so clearly, that’s impossible to mix them up with something else. The 23d week of pregnancy is characterised by the sensations of flipping or playing baby inside your body. Now you can feel or see a part of his body through the skin of the belly when he moves. You can calm your baby down. He hears the mother’s voice and feels her intonation, so you can sing him a lullaby, gently caressing the belly. It's sure to calm the baby down; he is the most active in the evening, when the expectant mother is going to sleep.

Heartburn is a problem of almost every pregnant woman. It’s caused by the belly’s growth. Every pregnant woman should find her own way to overcome it, eating any food according her taste, it might be chocolate or sunflower seeds, it’s up to you. Never try to treat heartburn with soda, otherwise you will make it more pronounced. In addition to heartburn, the woman can feel shortness of breath. The uterus compresses the breastbone, which causes shortness of breath.

It is recommended to drink less liquid, especially at bedtime, since the uterus presses all the organs, including the bladder, causing frequent peeing. Although at daytime you can drink as much as you want. It is not worth to be frightened by swelling, this is normal, as the placenta requires much fluid. If the swelling is very strong, try to cut salt and salty foods consumption. At least try, as it’s very difficult to eat less salty products being pregnant.

Redness of the hands is caused by the hormonal changes in your body, don’t be afraid, this will pass soon. Pigment stains may also appear on your skin, but this is a temporary phenomenon, too. Don’t try to get rid of them; the time is the best doctor, just wait a bit after the baby’s birth. You need to take care of the skin elasticity to avoid stretch marks and breakages. It’s better to take care of it in the early stages, because then it will be too late and the belly will be covered with the scars of the skin rupture, that neither bring you joy or please the eye.

Pay special attention to the personal hygiene. Especially the hygiene of the mouth and teeth. During pregnancy, the women quite often encounter problems with teeth caused by the lack of calcium. Your teeth need special attention and care.

23 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

23 weeks pregnancy photos

23 Weeks Pregnant 2

Images: big bellies at 23 weeks 3 days pregnant.

Pain Sensations

The calcium deficiency contributes to nightime leg cramps. It’s a very unpleasant sensation of cramping legs that hinders your sleep. To overcome this problem, take vitamins containing calcium, as well as food rich in this substance. As the baby’s growing, his weight increases, that affect the back, tailbone and lumbus. Additional load can provoke the pain sharpening. In order to relief the pain, select comfortable flat shoes.

Comfortable shoes make walking much easier. You can also buy a special belt in a pharmacy after consulting your doctor. There are pregnancy and maternity belts, which you can wear to support your abdomen after the baby’s birth. The maternity belt is very convenient, as it eases the back pain caused by the extra load. It is recommended not to make sudden movements, and to carry yourself well.

You can feel pain in the abdomen while coughing or laughing, which is normal at this period. If you feel bad and have a fever along with the pain, call your doctor immediately.

Condition of the Uterus

At the twenty-third week expect training labors accompanied with discomfort and light pain. If you feel pressure a contraction pain, lie down, preferably on the left side. The pain will pass. But if it doesn’t fade and grows more frequent and sharp for more than an hour, or exactly five times per hour, urgently call an ambulance. Don’t tolerate it. It’s abnormal.

Ultrasound at 23 Weeks Pregnancy

Ultrasound scan (ultrasound) can identify a pathology or other various problems, if they exist. Every pregnant woman makes ultrasound to identify problems and take correct measures to prevent them. Listen to your doctor’s advice, follow his recommendations for a safe and easy pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. You can't miss a scheduled doctor's visit, as well as the assigned procedures and test.

Using ultrasound the doctor will assess the size and development of the baby, his lying position. It’s also important to learn whether his hearts functions well. You can also find out the sex of the unborn baby, but at a more advanced term.

23 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

23 Weeks Pregnant 3

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

23 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

23 Week Ultrasound Boy

23 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

23 Week Ultrasound Girl

23 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

23 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Compulsory Tests

After the conception you will pay frequent visits to the biochemical laboratory to make urine and blood tests. Your doctor should track all the results of the blood tests. You also have to make urine tests regularly. Tracking the tests’ results the doctor can learn what problems to expect and how to prevent them.

A blood glucose test is one of the important tests, as if you have high levels of glucose, the baby can gain overweigh. In such cases, the pregnant woman undergoes a special treatment and keeps a diet. Anemia is very common condition during the pregnancy, to detect it, a hemoglobin test is conducted.

If there is a pathology, the tests will show it. If a test’s result is poor, don’t hurry on a final diagnosis. First, you need to make retests.

Discharge During the Pregnancy

If you have a profuse yellow or green discharge resembling to cottage cheese along with blood secretion and a strong smell, you should immediately inform your doctor, as it’s the matter of both yours and your baby’s health.

The doctor will prescribe you a smear test that will detect the problem. If it’s a malignant infection, the baby may get contaminated while passing through the genital tract. It is very important to fight infections at the early stage because some microorganisms can harm the baby even in the womb. So this unpleasant matter shouldn’t be ignored or considered unimportant.

If the discharge is transparent and watery at the twenty-third week, do not panic, this is normal. If it is accompanied by itching, burning, swelling of the genital organs, pain while urinating, it could be an infection. Urgently go to the doctor and take steps to treat it.

The threat of a miscarriage at this stage is significantly reduced. Bleeding after sex or medical examination is normal, unlike at the initial stage of pregnancy. If you have a suspicion that the amniotic fluid leaks, immediately contact your doctor.

Sex at this Term

If you have no contraindications or special recommendations of your doctor, you shouldn’t avoid sex. At this term of pregnancy, women have a strong sex drive, and sex of the future parents looking forward for the baby to born, becomes more interesting and special, as well as their relationships.

Despite the fact that the life situation can change, it is prohibited for the woman to change her sexual partner during the pregnancy. Foreign microorganisms can cause infections entering the vaginal microflora, that will harm the baby.

It is worth to abstain from sex if the woman has already had miscarriages before this pregnancy, or placenta is lying low. In case of a multiple pregnancy, doctors recommend to abstain from sex, too. Often couples continue to lead sexual life opting for oral sex, for example. There are no recommendations of doctors on this issue. Of course, personal hygiene is compulsory.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the Movements of Your Baby

Food at 23 Weeks

The pregnant woman's diet should be very diverse, rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Especially important to eat food rich in proteins. Green meat, fruits, vegetables provide all the necessary vitamins.

Calcium is a very important substance that the pregnant woman should consume every day. It is also very important to eat products rich in ferrum to maintain normal levels of hemoglobin. Eat less fried, smoked and salty food, think about your baby’s health, and you’ll stick to these principles easily.

Drinking plenty of fluids is very appropriate during the pregnancy, you can drink fruit drinks, but the best of all is still clean water. Be careful with herbal teas. It is very important now to monitor your weight, so completely discard starchy and sweet things. If you wish to eat something sweet, eat dried fruit, but be careful- they contain a lot of calories.

The less time is left before the delivery, the more woman begins to feel discomfort from the heavy weight, she finds it harder to breathe, and suffers from leg and back pains. It is becoming harder to find a comfortable positioned for sleep, that causes insomnia in the pregnant woman. And it’s all normal, as the baby’s birth is drawing near. You should follow your doctor’s advice to avoid problems during the delivery and after it.

Overweight really harms both baby and mother. Therefore, be careful and serious about your weight. Don't forget to weigh yourself every day. By this time you should have gained 5-7 kilos (11-15 pounds). If you have noticed that you have gained more, immediately contact your doctor for advice about controlling your weight. You should follow all the doctor’s recommendations unconditionally.


Beware of infectious diseases to have a safe pregnancy and give birth for a healthy baby. Try to avoid crowded places where you can catch a cold, beware of the flu. The virus can stop the baby’s development, or result in a pathology of the cardiovascular system. The nervous system can be affected too.

If Braxton-Hicks contractions go on ten or more times a day, call an ambulance, if less, then there is no reason to worry, because these contractions are caused by the baby’s movements. Varicose veins is an actual issue both at first stages of pregnancy and now.

Recommendations for Women

Make an ultrasound to find out the status of your baby to calm yourself down. Don't be nervous over trifles, control your feelings, always be in good mood. Your unborn baby can feel your mood. Be sure to pay attention to healthy nutrition and control of weight. Spend more time outdoors, if possible, rest and sleep more. If you consider it useful and enjoyable, have sex.

Video Guide: 23 weeks pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy at the 23 Weeks

At the 23d week twins weigh about 500 grams (17.7 ounces) each. At this stage of development the babies are unlikely to survive in case of a premature delivery. However in a month they will survive in this situation.

The woman looks prettier, the condition of skin and hair improves. It’s explained by the changes in hormones. But do not forget about risks associated with a multiple pregnancy.

The expectant mother of twins should pay special attention to her teeth. During the pregnancy you lack calcium, which affects your teeth’s condition. Your legs may hurt and swell. The woman can experience back pains as the load is redistributed. Anemia is quite a frequent condition. Therefore, you should follow all your doctor’s advice.

Julia says:

I am on the 23rd week, went on ultrasonography and saw the kid. I feel not really well, heartburn torments only a little.

Eva says:

I’m on the 23rd week. There is a constant desire to move my legs. I am at a loos and don’t know what to do with them( My husband massages my legs when he’s at home. When he isn’t all I have left is just suffer through it.

Oprah says:

iam at the 23thrd week and i can feel the movements of the baby

Mehzabeen says:

I am 23 week pregnant i want to know that if baby is moving in womb how we feel what feeling we have in our body

Cebozh says:

Megzabeen, it feels like butterflies in the tummy and sometimes it feels like water flowing in circles. it such a nice feeling to feel the life inside of you. I have only started to feel movements - and I am at 22w5d.

Megan says:

to me it felt like my muscle was twitching or a painfree muscle spasm, and a slight poking as I got further along, I felt it only at 21 weeks,. im now 23 and feel it everyday you will know what it is once u feel it, I used to think it was gas and I just needed to fart since I don't fart at work it could be the gas build up, so it feels similar but you will be able to tell the difference after, but yea thts what I feel is like a muscle twitch.

kamini says:

Im in 23rd week of pregnancy . Ten 10 days before everything was ok . but todays ultra sound report says "large metal ascots &B/L hydrocele" Please help me .. how dangerous it is for my child.

amulag says:

At twenty three but scan detect nothing in stomach yet the tests are positive and I feel movements at my back

Dree says:

I'm lost on this one. Did you say you are 23 weeks pregnant and the scan shows nothing in stomach as in no baby?

Jasmeet wazir says:

M 23 weeks pregnant...m feeling strong movements in my tummy and most of the times at the extreme lower line of the tummy...I feel uneasy while sleeping bcoz I don't find a comfortable position on the bed...m curious to know the sex of my child..

Queen says:

am 23week I can feel my baby nd d kick is so strong

Andy says:

I cant wait to feel my baby move

Angel says says:

I'm 23 week pregnant I feel little bubbling in my tummy but sometimes I feel relax so plzz tell me its ok or not

Nma says:

At 23week of my pregnancy scan have not yet seen d sex of my baby. Is it normal?

Harriat says:

Did sonar at 23 weeks and told is a boy at 23 did scan again told is a girl now I'm confusef

Samara says:

Im 1 month and 8 days daly it is possible im pregnant.

Am prossy from uganda says:

Am 23 weeks pregnant but can my baby kicking its reslally funny and now am preparing for utra sound to no my baby'z sex


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