22 Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant


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22 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the end the 5th and beginning of the 6th month or the 2nd trimester.

What to Expect at 22 Weeks Pregnant

On 22th week of pregnancy the child in womb of mother starts to develop, eyebrows on face become more formed, the hair color still cannot be sorted as practically there is no melanin. During this period of pregnancy, the child already makes the insignificant movements by hands and legs due to the development of brain. The fetus starts touching itself, study the world around. This activity, more strongly than earlier, mother will be able to feel.

The condition of the woman during this period will change. In order that there were no complications, it is necessary to visit gynecology. The percent of plasma which is very important for the woman's organism increases by 22 weeks of pregnancy. The content of iron in blood can become insufficient, it will be very notable, during this period of pregnancy.

Feelings at 22 Weeks

It is characteristic to feel strong sexual inclination during this period. You can have sex, without worrying about the kid. However it is worth being careful. You should not overtire that the kid perfectly felt.

22nd week of pregnancy is the time when the stomach already starts growing, but not so strongly to give you inconvenience. This period of pregnancy of the woman the most pleasant of all pregnancy when still there is no discomfort in incubation of the child. In the second trimester, the 22nd week of pregnancy in medicine so is called, the fetus continues to grow and develop further.

You will need new clothes. As during this period the structure of your body will start changing and you won't be able to dress old clothes. There are many specialized shops for pregnant mummies. Select clothes such that it was convenient to you to make the elementary movements of body. Though at this stage of pregnancy of special problems with slowness for the present does not arise, but there can be problems with skin extension. You need to get beforehand means which will relieve you of dryness and prolixity of skin.

The competent specialist will prompt, what means it is better to choose. Also the doctor will fix your indicators of body: weight, growth. Will examine your uterus and to listen to your kid to be convinced of good course of pregnancy. Don't miss surveys at the gynecologist to avoid any complications.

What Happens to the Child

22 Weeks Pregnant 1The movement and bump of the kid during pregnancy in the woman's stomach for parents is a real happiness. Feelings of that the kid already rather strong to rest legs and hands, one of the most magic. For mother it is big pleasure, know that your child grows. You will feel all these turns and the movements of the child most brightly from 22 weeks of pregnancy.

You have to understand that the different movements of the child it its manifestations and the relation to external factors. Perhaps, thus, he wants to tell you that he does not have oxygen or is too noisy, light, etc. He wants to show you the discontent by means of movements of the body. The movement can also mean it that it helps the heart to fight quicker for improvement of blood circulation in organism.

All this does not mean that to it something is constant it is not pleasant or something is not enough. It is necessary to watch its movements in the morning and in the evening. The dream of the kid will not always match yours on time therefore prepare that the child will awake you in the mornings. However if you do not observe any movements from the kid within a day, it is necessary to address to the specialist at once. It is necessary to make it as soon as possible, the doctor will help to deal with problem.


During the 22nd week of pregnancy often there are pains in waist, back. It occurs because the stomach increases in sizes and your center of gravity is displaced. To the maximum to avoid back pains, it is necessary to be engaged in certain type of gymnastics, there are special exercises for this purpose. However it is not necessary to be overloaded too that pains not so strongly disturbed you. You should not carry high-heeled footwear, it is necessary to choose special convenient sitting and not to sit more than an hour.

Women during pregnancy need to carry out certain gymnastics, the set of exercises for you will be picked up by your doctor. It is also necessary to go out of doors as often as possible. If you are disturbed by back pains, it is possible is not connected with pregnancy. Consult about it with the doctor better to avoid undesirable diseases. At you the urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, these diseases rather serious therefore do not delay survey at the specialist can begin.

22 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures

22 Weeks Pregnant 2

22 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: bellies at 22 weeks 3 days pregnant.

One of widespread diseases at pregnant women are hemorrhoids. There is this illness of that at the pregnant woman the uterus increases and there is squeezing of vessels. Outflow of blood of basin worsens and quite painful hemorrhoids can begin. For prevention and treatment keep to diet. The diet consists in the use of food which contains large amount of cellulose. Cellulose improves work of intestines. It is also possible to use treatment by means of candles which should be applied, you will be prompted by the doctor.

If on the 22nd week of your pregnancy you have abdominal pains, cramping and cramps it is immediately necessary to address to the doctor. Pains can be followed by blood discharge. Such at normal course of pregnancy should not be. It means that there are some serious problems and there is threat for the child's life. However be not frightened ahead of time, possibly it is usual problems with digestion, but all the same for clarification of the reason it is necessary to be inspected at the specialist.


Normal excreta for the pregnant woman for 22 weeks are light with sourish smell and in small amounts. If they have green shade and curdled form, it is necessary to be checked for infectious diseases at the gynecologist. Your attending physician will be able to define the reason of your excreta, having sent them to the analysis.

If suddenly you have found in yourself excreta with blood on the 22nd week of pregnancy, you need immediately to call ambulance. It can testify to the beginning of premature births. It is quite possible that you had had placental detachment.

But placental detachment is not always followed by bloody excreta, only if is located close to the cervical channel. Placental detachment without releases of blood, but accompanied with severe pain is possible. Placental presentation and on its regional arrangement can be one more of bad possible options. To avoid threat for life of your child and you, immediately address to hospital for statement of the exact diagnosis and purpose of necessary measures.

One more moment when it is worth addressing to the specialist if your excreta are plentiful and watery, have transparent appearance. The problem in dribble of amniotic waters is possible. But not always these allocations rather plentiful, amniotic waters can come out and in small amounts.

Ultrasound at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

At the doctor you will need to make the necessary tests during this period of pregnancy. Most often make blood test and urine, check blood for the raised sugar. These analyses are obligatory at incubation of the child. Usually conduct ultrasonic research to be convinced that the child is healthy and it has no deviations.

Also by means of ultrasonography they check development of internals of the child. Ultrasonography is done on initial duration of gestation, for 22 weeks in the second trimester do repeatedly ultrasonography where check proportionality of fetal development of body.

The obstetrician-gynecologist checks amount of amniotic liquid, defines much it or a little. Also he examines umbilical cord. Normally fetus weight during this period of pregnancy makes 430-500 g, height - 28 cm. At this stage of pregnancy the fetus is already rather developed and if suddenly there is disturbance of incubation of the kid and premature births begin, the child can quite be without deviations, is viable.

At this stage of pregnancy the fetus which is already rather created. Brain, growth of the child, its weight everything is already created enough in order that the child moved in mother's womb, did inclinations, but it is not simple as on initial stage of pregnancy, moved with extremities. Opportunity to make picture of the kid on ultrasonography for 22 weeks of pregnancy will be provided to you.

The fetus during this period is already rather created, his backbone consists of vertebral and intervertebral disks. The sizes of heart reach the necessary sizes. In bones already there is calcium. The body of the kid becomes covered by small hairs, they carry out protective function of the child. Directly before childbirth hair from body of the kid will disappear. At the time of delivery patrimonial greasing is important, it will help fetus to come to light.

22 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

22 Weeks Pregnant 3

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

22 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

22 Week Ultrasound Boy

22 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

22 Week Ultrasound Girl

22 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

22 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

Miscarriage at 22 Weeks

There can be various reasons for a miscarriage.

The most common are:

  • Uterine malformations;
  • Fibroids, compact tumours that grow inside the uterus;
  • Abortion of the previous pregnancy;
  • Umbilical cord or placenta issues;
  • Contracting a virus, for example rubella, during the pregnancy;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Genetic problems;
  • Chromosomal incompatibility of a parent and fetus;
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • Active sport exercises;
  • High blood pressure in a woman;
  • Diabetes during pregnancy;
  • Woman’s unhealthy lifestyle: smoking, drinking, or drugs use;
  • Exposure to stressful situations.

A miscarriage risk can be also increased by different injuries, ecological issues, and medications use.

Symptoms and Characteristics of a Miscarriage at 22 Weeks

Another symptom of a late miscarriage is a labor-like cramping pain.

Consequences of a Miscarriage

A loss of an unborn child is enough pain for a woman, but it also needs to be treated properly afterwards.

Common complications associated with a miscarriage are:

  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Uterine infection, which is usually caused by the retained placenta (or fragments). Fragments of placenta start to decay inside the uterus, causing an inflammation that if untreated can lead to infertility.

Doctors use various treatment methods to decrease the risk of complications in a woman. After analyzing the situation, a doctor will choose an appropriate treatment (a surgical intervention or drug therapy).

After an incomplete miscarriage (when some fragments of the placenta or fetus are retained inside the uterus), a surgical method of treatment is the fastest and effective one, because it reduces the bleeding and pains, but it’s also the most dangerous one. There is always a risk of severing the uterine walls or cervix. It should be performed only in a hospital.


The sexual relations can even be useful during this period of pregnancy. Therefore if you have no bans and restrictions from the doctor, you can have sex on the 22nd week of pregnancy. To fetus it will not do much harm in any way as it is well protected by amniotic waters and cover.

In sexual needs women during the 22nd week of pregnancy are most emotional and sensual. During this period of pregnancy, the woman often experiences orgasm. It comes from that is stronger, than usually, blood supply of generative organs in connection with plentiful bleeding in organism of future mother proceeds. Therefore often sexual desire happens rather strong and frequent.

22 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby Responds to Your Sound

Diet and Weight

At this stage of pregnancy there is probability to gain considerable weight and it is necessary to control the organism more than usually. The food gives to the woman during the period to pregnancy huge pleasure, she eats much and often. And her appetite everything amplifies every day. Not to pass frame of admissible set of weight, it is necessary to watch the diet. The normal set of weight to the 22nd week of pregnancy makes 8 kg. Before the termination of gestation duration 11-16 kg. Try to adhere to this norm and to control the increased appetite.

In order that childbirth has taken place successfully, it is necessary to watch the diet carefully. Your food has to include the food stuffs containing cellulose, calcium. Use food healthy and useful. Fermented milk products have to be frequent products which you use. Also in your daily diet it is necessary to have a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables. Fermented milk products will help with healthy full work of intestines in order that there were no hemorrhoids. Do not forget such products as milk, dried fruits, fish and low-fat meat. The food needs to be cooked correctly, without forgetting about useful substances of products. Healthy nutrition pledge of the birth of the healthy kid.

Also you have to remember harm of the use of large amount of sugar and farinaceous food. One more not most useful product - salt. Limit yourself in its use. Harm of salt is that it detains water in organism and can there will be hypostases. Eating of large amount of sugar can cause diabetes mellitus in the pregnant woman. Therefore try to use less the products containing "fast" carbohydrates. You have to remember all these important facts food and reasonably approach meal.

During the 22nd week of pregnancy it is necessary to watch carefully amount of iron in organism. For determination of level of iron in your organism make necessary tests. If the level of iron is lowered anemia at the pregnant woman can develop. In order that it did not happen, it is necessary to add to the diet such products as buckwheat cereal, dried fruits, garnets, beef liver. Do not forget to consult with the doctor, perhaps he to you will advise to drink in addition vitamin complexes for pregnant mummies that iron level in organism has reached norm. Also he has to tell you in what quantity to accept this drug and as long. After treatment tests need to be made repeatedly.

Dangers Symptoms at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

A big danger to the pregnant woman is constituted by emergence of repeated toxicosis. In the third trimester of pregnancy toxicosis is not the normal phenomenon, it's not that kind of toxicosis which develops at the initial stage of pregnancy, having hormonal character. It is possible there are reasons to be worried.

Toxicosis repeated can be harbinger of exacerbations of chronic diseases of cardiovascular or endocrine system. Such diseases rather serious for the pregnant woman. You need to address to hospital where to you will appoint the corresponding treatment. But it is best of all to prevent toxicosis, in advance having told the doctor about all the problems with health.


Surely descend on appointment concerning anemia at pregnant women. Anemia at pregnant women occurs because of the shortage of iron in the organism. The increase in amount of blood is the result of anemia.

Watch your organism, health, watch kidneys. If something has alarmed you, address to the qualified specialist. Do what your doctor recommends to you, don't forget about gymnastics and use correct food!

Video Guide: 22 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy by Twins at 22 Weeks

22nd week of pregnancy. Twins weigh on 400 grams, they already reach 27 cm. Although when carrying out ultrasonic research it can be found out that one of kids is bigger than another. But there is nothing to worry to a future mother.

The woman bearing twins on this term already physically has some inconveniences. The stomach has already risen by 25 centimeters from pubis, and it becomes harder to breathe. The tummy becomes more increasing, a future mother becomes heavier.

The more children, the harder polycarpous pregnancy will be. By the way, do you know, how many kids were in the most polycarpous pregnancy ever? Fifteen! This record has been registered in 1971.

Brooklyn says:

I am on the 22nd week. I went on ultrasonography and have told that it's a boy today, we already have a girl of 7 years. We are very glad with the husband and the daughter too was delighted that there will be little brother. I feel normal, I enjoy the situation.

Alice says:

I have 22 weeks now. I was told that it’s a girl. I and my husband are very happy. We really wanted to have a girl, we already have a son.

sara says:

I have 22 weeks now. And i don't know my baby sex.it's my first pragnancy.and i am so happy.

Rozi abate says:

I have 22 weeks now. And i don't know my baby sex.it's my first pragnancy.and i am so happy.tanks to Allah.

Alice says:

Where is the position of Baby at 22 weeks pregnant?

Meivi Z.V. says:

I'm 22 weeks 4 days. It's my 1st baby, I'm having a boy. I'm super excited with the husband and family?!.

Jenny says:

Oh yea it feels good to be a mother

ANITA says:

why are heart in middle . if any problem heart in middle because my baby heart in middle. i'm 22 weeks pregnant.

Lwange Sibozo- Metuko says:

I am 22 weeks pregnant its a boy am happy but I wanted a girl I do have a boy already

Dree says:

22 Weeks pregnant today and its a girl! Already a mom to a 7 year old boy. We are excited lol :).

akhona says:

im near 22weeks and I don't know what I'm having yet...do I go straight to hospital?

Demetrius says:

I got a boy and a girl to ????????????????????

Joy says:

I'm 22 weeks and 4 days and we are having a boy I'm so happy

Geetha Premkumar says:

i'm 22nd week of pregnancy, then now i can feel about my baby little movement and i am so happy when my baby giving a movement.

joan says:

am 22 weeks pregnant with boy

Usha says:

I'm on my 22nd weeks & 2 day; had an ultrasound yesterday & our doc told it's a boy. It's our first baby & we are very exited :)


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