14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant


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14 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the beginning of the 4th month and the beginning of the 2nd trimester.

What to Expect at 14 Weeks Pregnant

The face of the baby becomes more expressive on the 14th week of pregnancy. You already can see first, much more detailed outlines of the baby’s future face. The eyes become bigger, the eyelids, however, stay closed. Fluff starts forming. The structure of this fluff is the same as the skin of the baby. The fluff will protect the baby from the substances that are emitted by the organism.

Short hairs start appearing on the head. You are also now able to see the eyebrows of the baby. Sexual parts also start forming on this week. In a boy’s organism appears a prostate, in a girl’s one ovaries appear. The urogenital system starts working. However, you don’t need to be worried excretions will mix with the labor waters.

The stomach will become significantly bigger. You’ll notice it right away. The reason for this is that the uterus will rise even more higher. Now it is located near the navel. Very often, future mothers are surprised by this fact. Toxicosis disappears completely. Consequently, a woman will feel a surge of energy and get a deeper feeling of hunger. If there are any pains that occur in the pelvic area, you need to consult you doctor and undergo a ultrasonic investigation.

Whats Going on With the Baby?

14 Weeks Pregnant 1On the 14th week of pregnancy, its second trimester begins. This time is considered to be a crucial moment in the whole course of pregnancy. Now a woman can breathe freely. The possibility of different pathologies and abnormalities now becomes considerably lower in comparison with the previous weeks of pregnancy. The fetus still develops and grows actively. The fetus is approximately 9 cm in length and its weight is 35 g.

By this time, your baby will look more like a human. Your baby will make various moving and bump. He or she will frown or clench his or her fists. Many mothers say that already on the 14th week of pregnancy they can feel their baby move inside them. The baby touches the abdominal wall and then pushes off it. However, in the majority of cases, the women don’t feel these movements.

During this period, continues the active growth of the skeleton bone tissue, a future human gets ribs. Your baby is also now able to make movements with the diaphragm. These movements look very much like a process of breathing. In other words, this is the time when the baby starts getting ready to being born. He or she is already able to distinguish different tastes and, consequently, respond to them. For example, when your baby tastes the water and it’s sweet, he or she starts swallowing it more actively than if the water is sour or bitter. In this case, the swallowing reflex is much weaker.

The body of the baby is still covered with a thick layer of grease. The aim of this layer is to protect the fetus. Under this grease, you can see a thin skin of the baby. On this skin there’s lanugo – a specific fluff. This is exactly this fluff, due to the fact that it’s located on the skin, that helps keeping the grease where it is. It will also help the mother and the baby during the labor. It will help the baby get through the maternal passages more easily. The eyelashes and eyebrows also appear and they can be seen.

By the beginning of the 2nd trimester, to be more exact, on the 14th week of pregnancy, all organs of a future child are developed and they work actively. Every day they practice in working in sync with each other and they become better at this. Irrespective of the fact that the sexual parts are formed, the ultrasonic investigation is unlikely to exactly detect the sex of a future child. However, with the help of technical and scientific achievements you’re already able to get information about the baby’s blood group and rhesus factor. All this is possible despite the fact that the baby’s blood is not yet completely formed. Besides, ultrasonic investigation helps you to define an exact weight and height of the baby on this stage.

Ultrasonic Investigation at 14 Weeks Pregnancy

On the 14th weeks ultrasonic investigation can provide you with all necessary information and helps evaluate the level of the baby’s development. Consequently, will help in detecting pathologies if there are any. This is done by comparing the data of the baby with the given standards. This is easy to do because the fetus is already formed enough and the doctors can see in details how the body is built.

Undergoing an ultrasonic investigation on the 14th week is more than welcome because it allows us to get the information about the height of the baby, from feet to head. We can also get information about fetus’ size of the head, the radius of the baby’s belly and its head. Besides, you can find out information about the length of the fetus’ hip. By comparing 2 hipbones it is possible to determine whether there are any developmental defects.

The doctor who’s carrying out an ultrasonic investigation can analysis the development of the baby on the 14th week. According to the results of the examination, he is able to evaluate all major bones in the organism of the future child. The list of the bones includes: the bones of elbows, shoulders, feet, hands and many other. Besides, a really professional doctor can evaluate the work of the baby’s inner organs. These organs are heart, kidneys, urinary bladder and intestines.

14 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

14 Weeks Pregnant 2

14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

14 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

14 Week Ultrasound Boy

14 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

14 Week Ultrasound Girl

14 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

14 weeks ultrasound twins pictures

A Screening Examination

You also should forget about such an important procedure as a screening examination. It allows the doctors see, if there are any developmental defects or pathologies. Usually, the first time a mother undergoes such an examination is between 11th and 14th week. Sometimes a screening examination is called a double test. It is called so because when doctors take the samples of your blood they examine two markers. The doctor’s recommendation is to undergo this procedure between the 12th and the 13th week because apart from a biochemical analysis of your blood screening studies the neck area of the baby using the ultrasounds scan.

This examination can easily detect any inborn pathologies and defects of your baby. However, you need to understand that the marker that we get as a result of studying the neck area is subject to changes. It constantly changes during the whole course of pregnancy. That’s why the examination should be carried out strictly during the time it is said to be carried out. Very often it so happens that this procedure can turn out to be useless not only for the doctors, but also for a future mother on the 14th week. That’s why the doctors suggest hurrying up and undergoing the examination at least one week earlier. Of course, you can wait till the 2nd period of pregnancy when undergoing a screening examination is also possible. This is the period from the 15th to the 20th week.

The Belly at 14 Weeks of Pregnancy

By the 14th week the belly of a future mother becomes quite round and evident. The mother and all her relatives and friend are now able to admire it, irrespective of the fact that the belly is yet rather small. A dark line appears on the belly. This line symbolically divides the belly in two halves. It starts at the navel and goes down. The reason that the line appears is melanin that accumulates in the skin cells. You don’t need to worry. This line is temporary and, in the majority of cases, it disappears after the labor. The belly looks as if the line was never there.

Already on this stage you need to start thinking about the consequences of labor. In particular, you need to start thinking about the most “unpleasant” consequence for a woman’s appearance – stretch marks. You’ll need to be very picky about cosmetics you’ll use and clothes you’ll wear. All the necessary cosmetics you’ll be able to buy either in an ordinary drugstore or in special shops for future mothers. However, if you don’t have any desire to buy such cosmetics, of course, you’ll be able to use folk medicine. They will be easier to find. For example, olive or almond oil will help you greatly in getting rid of stretch marks.

14 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures Showing

14 Weeks Pregnant 3

14 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: bellies at 14 weeks 4 days pregnant.

Blood and Other Sampling and Tests at 14 Weeks

Sometimes it so happens that in everyday bustle future mothers fail to do all the necessary tests, that should have been done earlier, in time. That’s why these tests are usually done within the 14th week. As a rule, these are tests that can be done during a standard gynecological examination. Also this list include a sample of urine, a visit to the therapist, dentist and E.N.T. specialist. Besides, according to the plan, on the 14th week a necessity to undergo a ultrasonic examination may arise.

The procedure of blood sampling may also include a test to identify the level of HCG in the body of a future mother. The result is then compared to the given standards. During the first weeks of pregnancy, the level of HCG goes up very rapidly and reaches its peak by the 8th or 9th week. After that, it starts to gradually go down. During the whole period of the 2nd trimester, in case everything is fine, it will stay unchangeable. If the results do not coincide with the standards, it’s necessary to do additional examinations. Remember that the health of the fetus depends on these results.

It’s not a rare situation when it’s necessary to undergo a procedure of amniocentesis. Such like test is carried out only in cases of emergency and a future mother has a right to refuse undergoing this test. Still, the doctor should inform a future mother that there’s a possibility of a threatened abortion. The rate of risk equals approximately 0.5 %. This is how the procedure is carried out. A needle is injected in the uterus. This needle will take a sample of amniotic fluid that then will be thoroughly examined. The procedure of amniocentesis involves also a ultrasonic investigation. This will help to determine the location of the fetus. If it’s really necessary, you’d better undergo the procedure.

Painful Sensations

As we know, toxicosis disappears on the 14th week. However, instead of it, headaches or pains in the back may occur. Spasm in the back, that may be rather painful, usually occur as a result of the fact that a woman wore high heel shoes for a long time during the course of pregnancy. During the first trimester of pregnancy, she could do that, but now she should take care of her health and therefore refuse wearing this stylish footwear. There’s also a possibility that the pains in the back occur as a result of the fact that a woman has considerably gained weight. In the majority of cases, this is the reason. The thing here is that a woman’s center of gravity has shifted.

Headaches on this stage will feel like a migraine. The worst thing about them is that they usually occur unexpectedly. In order to avert such situations it’s necessary to think over possible solutions of how to prevent migraines. We can give you the following pieces of advice: avoid noisy places, try to relax more and strain less, do not overwork. Do not even think about taking any drugs to get rid of the pain. A simple head massage can really make wonders for you. the massage should be more intensive in the area of temples. After the massage, it’s necessary to have a rest in the appropriate atmosphere; it should be peaceful and quiet.

A characteristic feature of the 14th week is pains, cramping and cramps in the belly. Of course, this may make a future mother panic. The pains occur in the lower part of the belly. They feel dull. very often the reason of such pains is the stretching of the bunches that hold the uterus. However, the cases when these pains feel like scrambles or they are steady aches are not excluded. Keep in mind that such like pains occur unexpectedly. All this speaks about the hypertonus of the uterus. If the pain in the belly occurs simultaneously with the pain in the small of the back and a woman also has a blood brown watery discharge from vagina you should urgently call a doctor. This may be an evidence of either a fetal death or a miscarriage.

Miscarriage at 14 weeks

Though the risk of having a miscarriage is much less during this period, some women may still have that tragic experience. This can happen due to early contractions, dilated cervix or an incompetent health practitioner. On average, about 25 % of miscarriages happen during that period and due to those reasons. Passive dilation of the cervix, which happens in the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy, is painless and has no symptoms.

However, a bimanual examination and ultrasound can help to detect it. This rare condition can be treated with a cervical stitch, a cerclage, which is usually performed at the start of the 2nd trimester. This surgical procedure stops any contractions and cervical opening, which helps to preserve the pregnancy.

Feelings and Sensations

If everything goes fine, then, a woman will feel much better than before on the 14th week. The emotional state of a future mother gradually stabilizes, toxicosis disappears and there’s practically nothing that can harm the baby. You can finally forget about everything that could harm your baby before this week and breathe freely. Now a future mother can relax and simply take care of herself and her baby.

However, you shouldn’t completely lose your guard. Because of a lack of various vitamins and nutritious substances there can occur unpleasant changes in the organism of a woman. For example, your gums may bleed and your immune system may overall be weak. This means that you lack vitamin C. For a woman that takes care of and lays a great importance on her appearance such unpleasant consequences like shelling off skin, broken nails or dry and weak hair may occur. This means that you lack vitamin A. In order to avoid all these consequences you should thoroughly think over the food you eat everyday. You may also need to take various vitamin sets in order to provide your organism with everything it needs.

Uterus Condition

Рow big is my uterus at 14 weeks pregnant? We all know that during all course of the pregnancy the sizes of the fetus gradually become bigger. Consequently, the size of the uterus also becomes bigger. As a result of it, the belly also gradually becomes bigger. On the 14th week, the uterus will gradually go up in the direction of the navel. The bottom of the uterus will be located between the public joint and the navel.

The upper edge of the uterus will go approximately a dozen sentiments higher than the pubis. Now it’s not difficult to palp the uterus. The main reason for that is the fact that it has become considerably bigger. In order to palp it it’s enough for a future mother to put her hand on the belly.

Discharge at 14 Weeks

The occurrence of various kinds of discharges that also occurred before is normal. Homogeneous discharges of light colour are considered to be normal on the 14th week. Keep in mind that they should occur in a gradual tempo.

Very often, these spotting have a sour smell. However, if you notice a change in the smell or thickness of these discharges or if pus or any amount of mucous accompanied by itching and burning in the vagina appears, you should keep in mind that there’s an infection. There’s an urgent need to cure this infection. To do it you should visit your doctor. This way you will not only get rid of the painful sensations, but also you’ll keep your baby safe and unharmed by the infection.

You should be really worried if these bloody discharges are accompanied by the pain in the belly. This may mean that soon a threatened abortion may occur. So, visiting your doctor is in your best interests if you want to keep the baby. Bloody spotting that are not accompanied by any painful sensations are also a common case on the 14th week. This may mean that that you have a cervical erosion. As a rule, these discharges occur either after you have been examined by a gynecologist or after you had sex.

14 Weeks Pregnant: How Big is Your Baby this Week?

The Occurrence of Bleeding

You should be very serious about bleeding on the 14th week. There is a big risk of miscarriage, especially if there are pains and scrambles in the area of the belly. As a result of the scrambles, the uterus contracts.

This is the way the uterus tries to push the fetus out of the maw. You need to urgently go to the doctor. Even if the amount of the discharges is not so big, you need to consult the doctors for the sake of keeping your baby alive. In this case, every second counts because it may become crucial for the life of your baby.

Catarrhal Diseases

Even an ordinary catarrhal disease in the beginning of the 2nd trimester is a reason to consult a doctor. A really high temperature that doesn’t drop for a long time is a very dangerous symptom. In this case, you need to immediately visit your doctor in order to get the necessary treatment.

You need to strictly follow the rules of a bed rest and relax more if you want to properly take care of yourself and your child on the 14th week. Trying to get rid of the disease by yourself, in any case, will only harm your health. However, it’s also not recommended to take large amounts of various drugs. You may take drugs only if you are under the supervision of a doctor with whom you have consulted beforehand.

Body Temperature

Actually, such like situations, when a woman gets ill on the 14th week and the illness is accompanied by a high temperature, are not rare. The most common reason for this are viral colds or different kinds of infections: a flu, toxoplasmosis and others. The cases of urinary system inflammation are also not rare. These inflammations include: cystitis and pyelonephritis. The diseases connected with the respiratory system, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, which is usually called lungs’ inflammation, may also occur.

A doctor can help you define the cause of the disease, tell you what this disease means and prescribe the necessary treatment. A fever, which usually doesn’t go away for a very long time, may become a real catastrophe in the course of pregnancy. A high rise in temperature on the 14th week may provoke different pathologies of placenta. Infections may also get your baby ill even inside the maw.

That’s why you need to urgently go to the doctors when you notice even the slightest symptoms of a disease, and, especially, if you have such a serious symptom as a high rise of temperature. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit your doctor, you should do everything you can in orde4r to make the temperature drop. You may use folk remedies. For example, a warm tea, bed rest, different kinds of lotions and rubdowns. If nothing helps, you may take the drugs that include paracetomol. If this also doesn’t help, there’s only one way – you need to urgently be hospitalized. Here your health and the health of your baby are at stake.

Drinking Alcohol

The way it is on any other week of pregnancy, drinking any kinds of alcohol here is also forbidden. Irrespective of the fact that the organs of the baby are already formed and alcohol won’t influence on their formation, it may have a very serious impact on the way they function. As a result, the way they function may be seriously disturbed. Here we are not even mentioning the fact that it will greatly damage the process of a healthy bone tissue formation of your future child.

Food Ration

The rule to have healthy food ration during the whole course of pregnancy goes right after the rule according to which any kind of alcohol is forbidden. Your food ration should be healthy and balanced. Give up eating any kinds of products that may cause allergy or rejection on the part of your organism. This is very important for a future mother and her baby. Most commonly, an allergy is caused by honey and citrus fruits.

You need to be very careful about eating chocolate, eggs (since they have a lot of cholesterol and fat in them) and drinking milk (in the majority of cases, the organism of an adult cannot digest it). Exclude canned products, fat soups and smoked products. All these things will be extremely harmful for your organism. You’d better eat boiled and stewed meals or meals that are prepared on steam.

It’s really necessary to eat animal proteins. In case a future mother is a vegetarian, she’d better give it up for some time for the sake of a healthy fetus that’s developed the way it should be. However, you shouldn’t eat pork, its meat is to fat. You’d better eat white rabbit or bird meat. You may eat any kind of fat fish since it is rich with omega-3 vitamins and has a great amount of phosphorus. Don’t forget about cultured milk foods. They are one of the best sources of protein. In order all these products digest better you need to eat fruits and vegetables – products that contain a lot of cellular tissue.

Sexual Life

There is nothing that prevents a woman from having sex on the 14th week, toxicosis has disappeared and she is now feeling better. Besides, it will have a positive effect on her physical health, wellbeing and emotional state. Of course, you should keep in mind that you may have sex only if there are no contradictions.

A partner should be delicate and careful when touching a woman because the fetus can feel his every touch. Useful tip: If you wish, you may be more physically active. The main thing here is that it’s not hard for you.

Dangers at 14 Weeks

Sometimes there are various unpleasant changes that may occur on your skin during the 14th week. These could be birthmarks or small warts. Don’t get disappointed. It’s always better at first to consult a doctor and get his recommendations on this. If big warts occur in the area of vagina or anus, you should to go to the doctor as soon as you can. These warts may be a problem during the labor.

Recommendations for Women

Keep on enjoying life. All the rest recommendations are the same as the ones from the previous weeks.

Video Guide: 14 weeks pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy at 14 Weeks

On the stage of 14 weeks, the belly will rise a bit above the vagina and will protrude a bit. The bottom of the uterus is located a bit higher than if a woman is pregnant with one baby.

On this stage each of the babies weights approximately 35 g. and their height is approximately 12 cm. By this time, the toxicosis should disappear. Therefore, you need to enjoy life to the fullest until the belly is not that big.

Having sex is forbidden in case of multiple pregnancy. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your man shouldn’t come close to each other during all 9 months of pregnancy. Replace sexual intercourse with kisses and mutual fondling. Positive emotions are very important for a future mother.

A woman that has multiple pregnancy needs a stricter doctor’s supervision because, in her case, a late toxicosis, anemia and shortage of vitamins may occur. Therefore, there’s a need to visit gynecologist twice a month.

Madison says:

14 week, I feel normally. Pregnancy takes place well, no any aberrations, tummy is not visible yet, as well as I wasn't pregnant. Is it normal, that there is no tummy?

Tyler says:

I’m on the 14th week as well and the belly is already visible. This is my second pregnancy. There is no strict rule as to when the belly becomes visible. It may differ from case to case depending on a person.

tinah says:

I'm 14 weeks 3days today I'm so worried if I'll make it...I lost pregnancy at 19 weeks....I can feel the baby sometimes .I visited doctor at 11 and said everything is perfect.... I just panic if I feel some pains sometimes

Hlengi says:

Iam 14 weeks sometime idont feel that im pregnant

Vivian says:

I am 14 weeks but I can't feel my baby's movements and this my second pregnancy.

Sebrina says:

I'm 14 weeks & 4 days pregnant and I feel normal too I don't be feel like there is anything growing in me although I got my ultrasound and there's definitely a baby in there just wondering when am I gonna feel different and feel like I'm actually pregnant it's this normal too feel like this

Martha Kraal says:

Im also 14 weeks 1 day and i don't feel pregnant


I am 14 weeks also, and only feel the occasional cramp, and feel very stiff sometimes after a long days work.

fannybrian says:

I'm 13 weeks 4days, I'm soo worried as the days approach,just gat a miscarriage early this year at 21 weeks

Alicia says:

All of you are lucky. I'm 14 weeks and have been dealing with extreme nausea since six weeks. I would give anything for some relief.

Tabinda Ejaz says:

I am 14 week and 4 day pregnant and MashAllah I feel better but stitch my utres Allah will be better InshaAllah....

Cora says:

14 weeks today, I feel the baby sitting in my actual stomach not soo low anymore. Still Tired & nauseous all the time. I just now started back eating.. but can only eat so much before I start feeling sick. I have not thrown up this whole pregnancy but have been just sick to my stomach a lot. I got my ultrasound & my baby was boring didn’t move much, just chilled the whole time. Lol I can’t wait to feel it move around in there, which may be a while I haven’t gained any weight; actually lost 4 pounds. Just excited to get further than my last pregnancy!!

mary says:

14 weeks 6days to day ,i went for ultrasound and the Dr told me it's a baby girl.

Pree says:

I'm 14 weeks and 4 days I don't feel pregnant at all I've done an ultrasound and I'm not even showing

ANNE says:

Am 14 weeks+ 1day old multiple pregnant bu unfortunately the nausea has failed to decrease. What can i do?

johanna says:

Im ten weeks an 4days pregnant bt i dnt feel happy because it seems like my partner doesnt love or care abt me .i hv been sick since my days of conception n i hv never felt any better .i dnt hv appetite and i always feel sick. I really cant wait to see if the baby its a boy or a girl.and the other thing is that i hate my partner so much that i cant stand him.

Kayelala says:

This is my 4th baby and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I am no more active than I was before and find myself breathing shallow breaths and shortness of breath no matter what... Please tell me this is OK...I never felt out of breath with my other three pregnancies until like 30 weeks...

Mim says:

I am also 14 weeks and feel breathless much of the time, sometimes without much activity at all! I walked upstairs to the bedroom 2-3 weeks ago and my husband asked, "why are you so out of shape?" Because I was breathing so hard. Lol.

Jiya tomar says:

I'm 14 weeks 2 days pregnant but I can't feel my baby movement and my belly is not increased why?

Estee says:

Can I know the gender of my baby at 14 weeks? Just curious.


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