13 Month Old Baby

13 month old baby


Child Development, Your Baby at 13 Months

As a child in 13 months is enjoying the opportunity to move around, he will be able to satisfy his curiosity about the world around us. So don't be surprised if you catch him, decorating the walls with colored pencil, which the baby found on the floor. Now that he better uses his hands, his drawings and other forms of creativity can appear in all unexpected places.

Socializing of the Child at 13 Months

The contacts with the child in 1 year and one month are becoming harder and harder. He for sure has memorized the words "papa", "mama" and other words you frequently repeated, although he can still let everyone know what he wants even without a large vocabulary. When a baby wants to get down, he will point to the floor, and if he needs your attention, he will pull you by the skirt. He also understands well most of the words that you use in everyday life in his presence, so try talking to your baby, read to him and do it as often as possible.

Bathing of the Baby at 13 Months

"When I am at home and I want to take a bath, I bathe my one-year-old child, dry him up and put aside in a large dry basin with his toys. I watch him while I quickly take a bathe and the baby likes it, plus I don't have to worry about that he is by himself in another room while I am enjoying the bath", - Ann.

Physiology of the Child at 13 Months

13-month-old baby has a lot of energy. The kid certainly thinks that it's fun to push, throw and bang on everything around him. In fact, he does not want to destroy everything around him. His aim is to discover the world around, and he wants to try, what will happen if I do so, or so, or quite differently. His ego captures that he can act, and it doesn't matter if it's unreeling of toilet paper or throwing the books down from the shelves again and again.


The child in 13 months needs games that include putting objects into containers and then pulling them out back. Give your child figurines and shapes that can be connected, pushing one through the other. You will realize that the baby is engulfed in the game, because he would laugh out loud. In the following months, the baby will also like a rearrangement of toys, their sudden appearance and construction of houses.

Child Safety

schedule for 13 month old baby

What is better - to teach a child not to touch dangerous objects or those that can shatter, or simply remove them from sight? Everything is in your hands, but keep in mind that kids at this age still badly perceive fear or danger. Right now, your decision to remove all things that can harm the baby or shatter, will make life calmer.

Also when a child can move by himself, it will be good to remember all the safety measures. Do I need to install more locks for lockers or cover the rough edges? Crawling and clambering babies can get into the most incomprehensible for the mind places. The barriers are very useful device, especially on the top or in the middle of the stairs, to protect the little adventurer from the unpleasant consequences.

Useful Tips for Parents

The Child is Growing Slower and Eating Less

Don't be surprised if your child, being permanently hungry earlier, suddenly started to eat less. From the birth till the first birthday the weight of the child usually increases three times, and the height - by 25 cm. However, in the second year the body height rate is slowing significantly. The infant chubbiness gradually disappears. Don't worry, if the amount of eaten food and gastronomic cravings of the baby will change frequently.

A Child Learns to Speak and Understand Adult Speech

The kid has already skillfully uses the words "dad" and "mom", as well as some others. He has learned to express his desires without resorting to words: If he wants to go down, he will just show his finger down, and if he wants to attract your attention, he will pull you by the clothes. He already understands many words you use in everyday life.

The Child Lives in the Present Moment

The kid likes to experiment. While playing, he constantly wonders: "What happens if I drop a plastic cup?" or "what would happen if I put a finger into the soup?" He likes to watch the result of his own actions, and because his memory has not yet developed, it is not boring for him to repeat his experiments over and over again.

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