13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant


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13 weeks pregnant is how many months? Is the end of 3d month and the end of the 1st trimester.

What to Expect at 13 Weeks Pregnant

Milk teeth waiting for the eruption moment at this stage are entirely created. Developing sucking reflex, the baby starts sucking the thumb. The developing of bone tissue continues - future bones of the child, giving competent outline to chin and nose. Intestines are enriched with the microflora and fibers which are carrying out important mission at digestion of the food received from mother, placed in abdominal cavity.

The breast of the kid starts rising under the influence of the growing diaphragm. The pancreas is adjusted on production of primary insulin. The fetus inevitably gains the weight which is already equal to 20 grams.

The female organism is expected by the possible unpleasant difficulties concerning assimilation of consumed food and which have succeeded irritability and tearfulness, feelings of alarm and concern. Often an undesirable satellite of this period pregnant girls are locks caused by change of activity owing to continuously growing uterus leaving less than place for intestines.

It is necessary to saturate an everyday diet with complex of vitamins, macrocells and minerals. The laminaria, oranges, bran from wheat sprouts, beet, fresh apples which in complex promote clarification of intestinal microflora will be also useful. If the arisen problems with intestines do not manage to be settled special diet, it is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist.

Information Which May be Useful at 13 Weeks of Pregnancy:

What Happens to the Child

13 Weeks Pregnant 1After the first trimester of pregnancy it is possible to allocate number of features of development of internal and external organs of the kid:

  • adrenal glands together with pancreas project insulin;
  • musculoskeletal system continuously develops;
  • alimentary system starts digesting the amniotic waters swallowed by the fetus;
  • external genitals are differentiated, there are possible definitions of a future gender;
  • potential milk teeth are already put, together with the voice apparatus;
  • a small heart is capable to transport twenty three liters of blood per day;
  • forms characteristic external outlines, and thanks to the strengthened development of bone material the trunk grows the active rates advancing the head sizes.

Sphere of emotional and mental fetation:

  • physical activity of the fetus shown by active pre-natal stirs becomes coordinated and arranged;
  • the fetus starts answering external irritants: change of temperature, flows of light, loudness of sounds, intonation of voice and mother's touch;
  • dreaming occupies smaller amount of time;
  • flavoring sensitivity appears putting future gastronomic preferences of the child owing to manifestation of interest in various products of which mother creates the daily diet;
  • in the second trimester the fetus has learned to swallow, yawn, it has created sucking reflex. The baby is capable to answer factors from the outside, expressing emotions as smile or grimace of discontent.

It is a high time to establish strong emotional link to the kid in this rather quiet and safe period, giving it continuous communication and exclusively positive emotions.


Pregnancy became indisputable fact which external changes of female organism tell about. During this period it becomes harder to hide that, because of expanded waist and the tummy protruding forward. But at most of pregnant women "a protruding sign" can be absent on such term, in view of the general structure of body and figured features. It is worth saying goodbye to footwear on high heel to prevent probability of developing of injuries of ankle joints and varicosity.

Periodically small disorders in the form of pain, cramping and cramps of bottom of stomach can disturb the woman because the uterus stays in tone. The tone can be short-term state which is normalized after rest. The uterus into tone is brought by wide range of factors, among which nervous tension and stress, raising of weights, and also arising because of improper food allowance, gas generation and meteorism.

If symptoms have long character - visit to the doctor becomes urgent matter. Having estimated the general condition of the pregnant woman, the doctor will recommend drugs helping to bring uterus into normality (as often appointed, it is possible to note Ginipral or the Papaverine suppositories).

13 Weeks Pregnant Belly Pictures Showing

13 Weeks Pregnant 2

13 weeks pregnancy photos

Images: bellies at 13 weeks 3 days pregnant.


After the first three months the female organism becomes accustomed to condition of pregnancy. The concern period with the accompanying toxicosis, the inconsistent emotional differences in mood which are followed by hormonal explosions remained far behind.

It is rational to devote this time to maintenance of healthy condition of the alimentary system and intestines, together with prevention of possible extensions (stretch marks) on skin.

Because of visible outside changes in area of waist and mammary glands, it is worth to take care of special clothes for pregnant women combining comfort and convenience. The bra has to be equipped with wide shoulder straps that optimum to hold daily growing breast.

Condition of the Uterus

The uterus increased in sizes proportionally to the size of a growing fetus leads to a shift of the relative center of gravity, filling free space among internals and gradually putting upon them strong pressure. Owing to uterus raising in area of belly space, transition of food from stomach in intestines that brings to feelings of heartburn together with asthma is slowed down. These satellites bring certain discomfort for a pregnant woman.

The uterine fundus is correlated in the parameters to duration of gestation that it is possible to see on the next planned survey of the local gynecologist. On the thirteenth week the uterus has gained additional elasticity and softness of cover, on height is respectively equal to thirteen centimeters.

Ultrasound scan at 13 Weeks Pregnancy

The integral procedure accompanied during all pregnancy is the ultrasonic research which for the first time is carried out in the beginning of the second trimester. This procedure makes possible not only a fine adjustment of duration of gestation and number of future children, but also allows to estimate degree of normality or abnormality of vital indicators: from the frequency of cordial rhythm to possible malformations caused by chromosomal anomalies.

13 Weeks Ultrasound Pictures

13 Weeks Pregnant 3

Images: how baby looks at 13 weeks pregnant.

13 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Gender

13 Weeks Ultrasound Boy:

13 Week Ultrasound Boy

13 Weeks Ultrasound Girl:

13 Week Ultrasound Girl

13 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

13 weeks ultrasound twins pictures


Without deliberating it is necessary to go to the doctor if the pain around stomach doesn't go away after rest and involve allocations with impurity of the lasting blood. Limiting any movements, before hemorrhage it is necessary to go to hospital immediately.

Because of the uterus which is constantly increasing in sizes and muscles which are intended for its deduction, there can be the lower back pain and sideways of the stomach, this pain potentially does not bear danger, but it is recommended to lie down and have a rest.

At shortage of calcium quite often there are onychalgias and spasms in gastrocnemius muscles. Such state can be warned correctly with food made for a pregnant woman enriched with vegetable products, calciferous. Exception is meat of animals as its use brings also consolidation of bone tissue of fontanel that will complicate passing of the fetus on patrimonial ways at the time of delivery.

Colds and Diseases

In case of the first symptoms of cold, irrespective of whether it is headache, unpleasant feelings in throat, increased temperature accompanied with snuffle, it is necessary to begin the treatment immediately , but only by a folk remedies which are not constituting potential danger to fetation. Of course, the child is already not so vulnerable as in the first trimester, but it is categorically forbidden to accept independently appointed medicines.

Incorrectly chosen drugs can provoke abnormal development of pregnancy and provoke abortion. Therefore it is better to secure previously the organism, especially if pregnancy affects autumn and winter months which make organism the most susceptible to catarrhal diseases.


The increased temperature in the beginning of the second trimester is admitted normal which should not bring excess reasons for concern. But if together with temperature the discomfort is brought by allocations of flavovirent color or with blood impurity, and subfebrile temperature is some days reaches a mark of 38 °C, it is necessary to notify the doctor. The doctor will be able to recommend homeopathic medicines with febrifugal effect, safe for the kid and a future mother.

Allocations at 13 Weeks

Variable component of normal discharge on this term is their volume, it is considered normal if they became more liquid or plentiful, and constant component is their smell and color - they have to remain invariable.

Reason for complaints to the doctor are sharply smelling spotting bringing unpleasant feelings in the form of burning, itch and the irritations which have changed the color on gray brown yellow, red or green is can testify the availability of infection which is potentially dangerous to the fetus.


Not always often arising bleedings on the term of thirteen weeks are occasion to be alarmed, however it is just necessary to tell the doctor about such a phenomenon.

Possible options involving release of blood can be:

  • a prelying placenta or exfoliating;
  • the effects of hematoma or disturbance of integrity of the neck of the uterus which have arisen after inaccurate intervention at survey or sex;
  • new growths;
  • fragility of a vascular system;
  • negative impacts on the stomach of a pregnant woman, owing to bruise, falling, collision and other factors.

To not be worried about the possible effects making harm to the child it is necessary to visit ultrasonic inspection which will be not superfluous for identification of the reasons of bleeding.

Miscarriages at 13 Weeks

The Causes of Miscarriages

Common causes: genetic, uterine or hormonal disorders, infection of the genital tracts and laceration.

Up to 15 % loss of pregnancy in 13 weeks of pregnancy may be associated with uterine disease, tumor in the uterus (fibroids), or cervical problems. These conditions may also contribute to premature birth.

It is believed that 19 % loss of pregnancy were caused by problems with the umbilical cord. The problems with the placenta can constitute a considerable number of late miscarriages.

Chances of Miscarriages at 13 Weeks

At the thirteenth week the risk of miscarriage is minimal, but particular attention should be paid to the following symptoms:

  • pain or discomfort in the abdomen;
  • the unusual nature of the discharges.

Sometimes short-term pain sensations appear in the left or right side - this sometimes happens during stretching of the uterus and surrounding muscles. At such a time it is better to cease all physical activity and lie down for a short while.

Treatment Miscarriages

In case of incomplete abortion, empty bag or missed miscarriage there are three options for treatment:

If untreated, things will happen naturally over 2-6 weeks. This will help to avoid side effects caused by the medication and operations.

Medication contributes to the completion of a miscarriage.

Surgical treatment (most commonly vacuum aspiration) is the fastest way to complete the miscarriage. It also reduces the duration and severity of bleeding, as well as helps to avoid the physical pain associated with miscarriage. However, this operation has a high risk of complications, including the risk of damage to the cervix and the uterus, uterine perforation, scarring and potential fetal membrane. This is an important factor for those women who wish to have children in the future, to preserve their fertility and reduce the likelihood of future obstetric complications.

13 Weeks Pregnant: Watch the Growth of Your Baby


There are two types of screening which are carried out from eleven to sixteen weeks, for the purpose of determination of chromosomal anomalies in time: ultrasonic and biochemical. Ultrasonic screening allows to estimate transparency and thickness of collar zone of the fetus, the size of nasal bone, to reveal other visible defects.

Biochemical screening is based on collected analyses from a pregnant woman including the level of hormones and amount of th protein in blood. Together with the available anamnesis about age data it is possible to make the conclusion about possible chromosomal risks. Risky probability of incubation of the sick kid is from 1 000 to 350 and below, however, it not an absolute measure.

Analyses (Progesterone, HCG)

Necessary hormones which level is subject to assessment, in the second trimester, are:

  • progesterone (however, it loses the objectivity a little), consequence of that is observed during three trimesters. Normal indicators for the 1 trimester are considered level from 8.9 nmol/l to 468.4; for the 2 trimester - 71.5 nmol/l to 303.1 nmol/l;
  • HCG hormone. Its level indicative speaks about the pregnancy course, about possible defects of arrest of development and negative Rhesus factor;
  • PAPP-A plasma protein.

Food at 13 Weeks

Indispensable condition of a correct pre-natal development of the child for the pregnant woman is a good nutrition combining main nutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Food of the pregnant woman has to be balanced, including only natural products prepared and processed in house conditions therefore the road to different bistros should be forgotten. Variety in daily diet is only positive factor.

The food has to be enriched with calciferous products, necessary for a rapid development of the kid: lentil, fruits and vegetables of green shades, persimmon - invariable satellites of the second half of pregnancy. For elimination of locks and normalization of vermicular movement inclusion in food of beet, dried fruits, laminaria, apples, juice from tomatoes, mashed fruit and vegetables is recommended.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking during pregnancy can be considered as the real crime in relation to a future child. The fetus receives from mother through placenta not only useful components, but also absorbs all possible harmful substances. Therefore it is worth addressing to a common sense, having taken care about health of all systems and bodies of a future child, having refused harmful influence of addictions.


In the period of the "gold" second trimester which has left feeling sick and concern in the past, spouses can renew active sexual life if there are no the medical contraindications testimonial of possible risk and disturbances of normal course of pregnancy.

The sexual inclination of a pregnant woman can be increased because of physiological features occurring in the organism. An increased volume of circulating blood along with hormonal reorganization can present unique feelings unknown earlier.


Because of hormonal reorganization and weakening of protective forces of the organism at a pregnant woman the risk of the thrush emergence called by fungus Candida increases. At the first signs of the thrush, namely at pain and itch in the vagina, allocations in the form of flakes, it is worth to visit the gynecologist. He will appoint necessary treatment, safe for the child.

Recommendations for Women

  • time has come to say goodbye to the fitting clothes, having let in life things of a loose fit;
  • don't allow overeating, limit consumption of sugar and flour products;
  • diversify diet with fresh vegetables and fruit;
  • visit the master-classes and courses on preparation for the childbirth for pregnant women jointly with the partner;
  • do gymnastic exercises helping to prevent the uterus tone;
  • walk in a fresh air more often.

Video Guide: 13 weeks pregnancy

Pregnancy by Twins at 13 Weeks

Development of polycarpous pregnancy creates big load on a pregnant woman's organism. During such period the uterus quickly increases in its amount. Thus uterine sheaves stretch, and you can feel pain. But at change of pose, pain will cease.

To distinguish this morbidity from threat symptoms, it is necessary to understand that at increase, the uterus remains in the weakened look, and pain is in ileal part and there is no pressure as if down. The pain is rather dull or sharp. And at threat you will feel the pain similar as at periods, it absolutely differs from this. At polycarpous pregnancy it will be necessary to you to visit the doctor much more often and it is necessary to hand over more analyses. After all such pregnancy assumes special control. It has the risk.

When kids start bump and moving, you won't feel it yet. Fetuses on the 13th week of term already possess weight about 14 g. Their skin is thin and translucent, reddish, such color seems because of the translucent vessels. Also on this term babies become covered by hardly noticeable down. The hearing does not function yet and eyes are closed. But skin possesses strong sensitivity, and there is a sucking reflex. Kids already start coordinating their movements and can squeeze hands in tiny cams.

Mia says:

In my tummy there little baby lives for 13 weeks. There is drowsiness, feel sick and also tearfulness a little. I talk to him (without knowing if he hears me or not, but still I do it). Girls, I wish all of you many pleasant moments.

Paula says:

Vascular spider veins appeared on my legs. Before pregnancy, there weren’t any. Who had the same case?

Lolly~pop says:

My belly is only showing wen iv eaten n smtimes i feel little kicks or wen m sneezing am 13 wks

Progress says:

Am 13 weeks pregnant but I don't feel any movements or kicks and tummy is not showing yet

Lara says:

Hello Am 13 weeks and 2 days and i wonder when I'm going to be able to know the baby gender.

Bianca says:

I am 13 weeks on my second child. I started showing at 2 months. I feel flutters when I'm really calm laying down in bed at night. My 5 year old son can't wait till the baby starts kicking. Hoping its a girl !!

Mia says:

I am 13 weeks pregnant and still have morning sickness =(

Jovaughn Lynch says:

I am 13 weeks pregnant and the fatigue is still at a all time high! I run and talk to my growing stomach...good luck ladies ????

Virginia says:

Am 13 weeks pregnant i feel movement When i finish to eaten

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13week 3days over.but licuid blodin after altosogaft Dr say it's ok.why now slow blooding,plz any solution?

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hi ladies am 13 weeks pregnant am not showing and I have not heard any movement of the babies am having twins

Mrs. La says:

I haven't yet either ????. But no worries it will soon come. My first pregnancy with twins too! Congratulations my dear ????

bashgal says:

Am 13th week, I feel tired. I do speak to my baby all the time. Sometimes I tell him/ her not to disturb mum. I don't know if he/ she hears me. Lol

Izabella and alex says:

I need to know what will happen to me at 300 weeks I'm really overdue my baby is still there what do I do and I need help with knowing where my boyfriend or crash still like me when I'm pregnant should I just foster kid is it more easier for fostering a kid or to have a kid

Pema says:

Don't neglect your kid hun.... That is your pride and joy!!!

Rosie anne says:

I started to show at 2 months. I'm now 13 weeks 3 days and I can feel the baby flutter. Can't wait to meet my little baby.

Jane tagnaman says:

I'm 13weeks now I feel a little movement inside my tummy... I'm excited to met my little baby...this is my first motherhood....

Akua says:

Am 13 weeks and still dnt have appetite........I don't crave for any food

monica says:

I'm 3weeks6days I haven't started to show at all.when I was 12 weeks I went to the scan I did see my baby there...but what worries me most is that my stomach isn't harding nor showing a belly or bump!!is there something wrong with me and my child...its my first born baby ....I'm truly worried!!!!

Hilde says:

Im 13 weeks and his/her father could hear some movement when he put his ear on my growing belly...lol. We excited we cant wait to meet our first born.

Mary says:

13 weeks today and I'm still very nauseaous and battling with heartburn. Cant eat well.

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13weeks i can hear movements and constipation,gets hungry in the morn.Cant take tea of tea bag,i fil ma belly heavy on write hand side


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