12 Months Old Baby Feeding

12 Months Old Baby Feeding


What to Feed a 12 Month Old Baby

Your kid is going on for one. Perhaps, by the end of the 12th month of the child's life, you will want to complete breastfeeding. The nutrition of a child at the age of 12 months is already quite wellbeing, the amount of mother`s milk is decreased and the completion of lactation may be quite logical. However, this need not be so. If you are still able and willing to go on breastfeeding- feed as you please!

But there are a few features of weaning. Do not stop breast feed the baby if he's sick. It would not benefit his reduced general condition of the body. It is better to wait for the complete recovery. It is also not desirable to wean the child in the summer, because at this season of the year, the likelihood of gastrointestinal diseases is increased.

During that year, your kid evolved from a helpless baby into a little person with his own unique nature. He still requires much attention and care from adults, but he is already able to do many things. Your child learns to talk, walk and actively explores the world around us.

12 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule

feeding 1 year old baby schedule

Breastfeeding is regarded by the child not as a way of getting food, but as an opportunity to be closer to mom, to fall asleep faster and quieter, to calm down and feel secure.

Whether you should continue breastfeeding of the baby or not- depends on you and your child. If both you and your baby are ready for this decisive step, feel free to stop it. But if you have decided to discontinue breastfeeding, do not restart it. There are many other ways and methods to show your baby your love and warmth, calm him down and caress.

Basically, child nutrition at the age of 12 months differs little from the previous one. Only portions are increased a little. It is recommended to give bland foods (yogurt with gingerbread, a small serving of milk porridge, cheese, fruit or vegetable puree) for breakfast and afternoon's luncheon. Lunch and dinner must be substantial and nourishing.

At the end of this month, two question arise: how to celebrate the first birthday of the baby and how to treat young guests of the same age. The main thing to do is not to introduce new dishes this day, willing to surprise guests, otherwise the entire holiday may result in calling a doctor.

Cook familiar light dishes from vegetables, fruit, meat or fish for kids. Even a pudding with fruit solemnly presented to a birthday person with one candle can become festive.

To make your kid feel the holiday since the very morning, decorate the room with balloons, garlands and mural posts. You can make a wall newspaper in a form of chamomile, where the core is your baby's photo, and you can write down the greatest achievement for each month of the child's life on its petals.

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