10 Months Old Baby Feeding

10 Months Old Baby Feeding


What to Feed a 10 Month Old Baby

A 10-mohths old baby still need his/her mother’s milk. At the same time, he/she should be provided with good nutrition that includes all the products added in the diet previously. There aren’t many new products added in the diet at this stage. There are more ways you can cook the products added previously.

You may include in the diet such products as pear, watermelon pulp and plum. However, you need to remember that the products you give your baby should be fresh. If some of them ripen during the period before your baby turns 10 months, you’d better give these products to your baby next year. If you decide to give your baby watermelon pulp, make sure that there are no seeds in it. Those babies who are likely to have constipation are not recommended to eat plums and plum puree.

Since there aren’t many new products in the diet of your baby at this stage, you need to make new meals using the products that your baby has already been eating for sometime.

10 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule

food to feed 10 month old baby

Meat. Meat puree can be replaced by meatballs. It’s quite easy to cook them. You need to grind a piece of lean meat in meat grinder. Do not forget to add a little bit of bread. Before adding it, soak pieces of bread in water or milk. Sometime later, you may add some grinded onion in it. If your baby is not allergic to yolk, you are recommended to also add 1 yolk. You may take quail eggs instead of ordinary eggs. You need to salt the mince a bit and thoroughly mix it.

Roll mince into small balls. They shouldn’t be bigger in size than a walnut. You may boil meatballs in boiling, salted water for 10-15 minutes, up until they rise to the surface.

You also may cook meatballs using fish fillet. You may serve meatballs as a garnish to vegetable puree, soups and porridges.

If your baby is 10 months old, it’s not necessary to grind the meatballs. You may just cut them in small pieces. By this time, your baby already has several teeth. It means that he/she needs to learn how to chew and get accustomed to a more solid than purees food. Besides, his/her jaws and masticatory muscles will develop right the way they should.

You may give your baby milk porridges, vermicelli and noodles, cooked on milk, in turns. Besides you may cook cottage cheese baked pudding and give it to your baby. At first, you may cook it without fruits. Later on, you may add apples, raisin, pears and other fruits that your baby is not allergic to.

While cooking cottage cheese baked pudding, you mix cottage cheese with sugar and beaten-up eggs. You may either cover a baking dish with butter or put a piece of bakery paper in it. If you want to add some fruits in your baked pudding, you need to grate them. You may also add a bit of manna croup. The baking temperature should be 170-200°.

Overall, the regime of eating and the diet of a 10-months old baby stays almost unchanged. The main thing that changes is the size of a portion. A 10-months old baby should still be breastfed at least 2 times a day.

By the end of the 10th month of his/her life, your baby becomes 1,5 cm higher and gains 400 g. of weight.

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