10 Month Old Baby

10 Month Old Baby


Child Development, Your Baby at 10 Months

It has been 10 months since your little angel was born. The only presence of your baby makes everyone around him/her happy. This is the age when your baby continues to develop from the psychological point of view. Besides, he/she excels physically, grows up and acquires new skills of playing and communicating with the parents and age-mates. All in all, it becomes more and more interesting to spend time with your baby. Let’s find out more about the character, physical and psychological development of a 10-month-old baby.

Sleep and Day Regimen: How Much Should at 10 Month Old Baby Sleep Per Day?

The day regimen may differ since every baby is unique. That’s why parents should be flexible enough in terms of the time when to feed a baby and get him/her to bed as well as the number of hours a baby sleeps per day. At the same time, it’s necessary to keep to a certain schedule. You need to always feed and get your baby to bed at one and the same time. If you violate the schedule or a day regimen that your baby is accustomed to, your baby will be in a bad mood. Moreover, your baby may be capricious and feel tired.

As a rule, 10-month-old babies sleep from 10 to 12 hours during the nighttime. During a day, a baby can sleep up to 2 hours. If your baby is calm by nature, he/she may have a rest for a longer time. Mind that such like babies don’t indulge in any activity right after they wake up. If your baby is a fidget, everything is vice versa here. Such like babies spend more energy. They sleep less and often have a troubled sleep. They get tired very fast and are often capricious. If your baby refers to this group of babies, you need to take advantage of the following recommendation provided by pediatricians. They recommend parents to get a baby to bed several hours before the time mentioned in the schedule.

In order for a baby to sleep well during the time and don’t wake up, you need to bathe him/her before getting him/her to bed. You need to necessarily air the room, turn a certain melody on (a lullaby) and stay with your baby up until he/she falls asleep. having a mother near by, her voice and fresh air calm a baby down.

Even though babies of this age like to spend time at home, you should take your baby for a walk everyday. it will be very interesting for your baby to discover the world around him/her. That’s why you need to necessarily take your baby with you when you go to a store, to an entertainment center or when you go to your friends. During summer, your baby can spend time in a sandpit communicating with his/her age-mates. You should go for a walk at least twice a day. You need to walk with him/her for at least 2 hours per one walk. During winter, you may walk with your baby less. For example, you may take him/her for a walk for 30 minutes.

Overall, a day regimen of a 10-month-old baby still involves sleeping time, feeding, going for a walk, playing and communicating with parents and other people. Besides, you need to do exercises with your baby, make a massage and bathe him/her. By this age, your baby gets accustomed to certain biorhythms that will have an influence on the time you need to carry out all the above mentioned “procedures”.

As a rule, babies wake up somewhere between 6and 7 hours in the morning. You may do exercises with him/her in the morning, after you feed your baby. You may also make a massage at this time. However, there should be a break between the exercises and a massage. The break should amount to at least 45 minutes. Parents are recommended to get their baby to bed not later than 22:00.

Height and Weight: How Much Should at 10 Month Old Baby Weigh?

A 10-month-old baby continues to grow and develop. By this age, the body of a baby becomes well-proportioned. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the speed of gaining weight and growing becomes slower. An average boy at his age weighs from 8.3 to 10.9 kg. An average girl of this age weighs 7.9-10.1 kg. Consequently, an average height of boys amounts to 69.1-76.9 cm. Girls of this age are approximately 69.0-75.3 cm in terms of their height.

You shouldn’t worry if the height and weight of your baby don’t correspond with these standards. The crux of the matter here is the hereditary background, height and weight of a baby when he/she was born as well as the schedule according to which you feed your baby.

Feeding: What Should at 10 Month Old Baby Eat?

10 month old baby feeding schedule

You need to continue breastfeeding your baby at this age. However, by the end of the first year of his/her life, mother’s milk doesn’t provide a baby with all the necessary elements and nutrients. It lacks the amounts of protein, zinc, cuprum and potassium needed for a baby’s organism that’s going on developing. That’s why there is a need to make up for the lack of required elements with the help of other foods. You need to remember that you shouldn’t introduce your baby to new meals. You may simply prepare meals out of the products that your baby has already eaten.

It’s recommended to feed a 10-month-old baby at least 4times per day. You should introduce variety in the diet of your baby. As a rule, a baby’s diet involves various vegetable soups, porridges, dishes made out of curd and fruits that your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction to.

Apart from mother’s milk, your baby should be provided with, approximately, 1 liter of “foods” per day. A baby is able to eat a bit more than 200 g. of infant formula per one meal. If your baby doesn’t want to eat more, you shouldn’t make him/her eat more. Let your baby decide about it. This way he/she will develop a sense of proportion in terms of the portions he/she has.

If you decided to stop breastfeeding your baby, it’s quite time you did it. 10 months is exactly the age to wean your baby away from mother’s milk. This is the age when your baby doesn’t need to suck at something. 10-month-pld babies become more independent in everything they do. They become more stubborn and are able to make do without mother’s milk. However, you shouldn’t forget that the process of weaning a baby away from mother’s milk is an important change in the lives of both, a mother and her baby. it’s an important step you make not only from the point of view of physiology, but also from the point of view of emotions. That’s why you need to be serious about this process.

Playing Games: What Should at 10 Month Old Boys and Girls be Able to Do?

A 10-month-old babies have acquired and developed a number of skills. They are able to sit without having something to lean on. They are able to crawl to take a toy and go up the stairs by themselves. A baby is able to walk if a mother takes him/her by the hand.

Your baby knows his/her name and reacts when you call him/her by the name. A baby is able to point to different parts of his/her body. He/she understands and follows simple requests (“give”, “go” etc.). A baby repeats syllables and combination of sounds as well as uses several words to communicate with you. A baby laughs and can sing simple songs.

At this age, babies can drink out of a cup, can hold a spoon in their hands and are able to take the cut in pieces fruits and put them to their mouths.

As for preferences in games, 10-month-old girls and boys like to push a ball, throw toys and play with cars. Musical instruments and toy blocks are also interesting for them. That’s why you should necessarily buy such like toys for your baby. Besides, you may also buy sets of bowls, bottles and boxes with leads that a baby can take out of one another and vice-versa as well as open up and close. By the way, you may use common items like clothes or kitchenware as toys. Give your baby an absolute freedom; do not set any limits here. However, you need to check that an item your baby will play with is not dangerous for him/her.

It’s great and useful for 10-month-old babies if you play with them the games that aim to develop fine motor skills. For example, you may teach him/her to draw with the fingers, organize a puppet show, play “Pat-a-cake” and “Soroka-vorona”. You may also build sand castles with your baby.

Experts also recommend parents to buy toys and items for your baby that are different in terms of size, color, shape and texture. Growing in an environment surrounded by various toys and items your baby improves his/her intellectual abilities.

Test on the Development of a 10 Month Old Baby

  • At this age, a baby should be able to sit without having something to lean on. He/she should be able to stand up clinging to something and crawl to take a toy. A baby should also be able to take an object using two of his/her fingers.
  • A baby should be able to pronounce either syllables or short words. He/she should understand the meaning of some words. An average 10-month-old baby should try to repeat approximately 8 words after his/her parents. The “speech” of your baby should be emotional and not monotonous.
  • A baby should be able to make adults pay attention to him/her. He/she may say something or bubble to do it. Alternatively, your baby may do it using simple gestures. For example, he/she may wave his/her hand thus saying “bye-bye” or his/her head at you this saying “no”.
  • A baby should be able to follow simple requests. For example, “give” and “take”.

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