1 Week Pregnant

1 Week Pregnant


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1st week of pregnancy is the 1st month, or the 1st trimester

What to Expect at 1 Week Pregnant

First week of pregnancy is only a beginning of the long expectancy of a baby. What happens during the first week? The time of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last menstruation. Hormonal processes and metabolism completely change, the organism spends little energy because it prepares an ovum.

A woman can be fertilized with only one ovum, even though she has 300 000 of them. For a normal conjugation process without any complications or problems, it is necessary to provide all conditions and appropriate environment.

It involves:

  1. You must quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  2. Do not take any medicine, and, if there is any reason, consult doctors.
  3. Start taking vitamin complex, the main component of which is folic acid. In the list of ingredients it is mentioned as B9.
  4. Restrict your interaction with people and attendance of public places for long periods of time. It can result in infection with communicable diseases, which later will require treatment, and it is not really good in this case.
  5. Eat according to a special diet, refrain from drinking coffee and tea, eating chocolate products, from ready-to-cook and fried food. Carbohydrates can excite the expecting woman's nervous system.
  6. Go to a doctor you know, get examination, but do not do x-ray examination under any circumstances, it is forbidden. Organism feels its negative effect. And, to be on the safe side, remind your doctor you should not do it.

Information Which May be Useful at 1 Week of Pregnancy:

Key Signs and Symptoms of the Beginning of Pregnancy

1 Week Pregnant 1What symptoms do you getting when your 1 week pregnant? 1st week of pregnancy has some traits, according to which a woman is able to guess that she is pregnant on her own, but attending a maternity welfare unit will dispel all doubts.

Defining the exact term of pregnancy, gynecologists base their calculations on the first day of the last menstruation. Nevertheless, at that moment there is still no pregnancy, and that is why the first week is the vaguest. And only when menstruation is over, which is on days 10-12 of the full cycle, ovulation comes along with appearance of mature ovum, completely ready to be fertilized.

At this very moment woman's nervous system undergoes certain alterations, changes its hormones for a single purpose, which may be preparing one ovum out of the many for fertilizing. The first week of pregnancy is only a supposed week; at that point conception does not happen yet.

If a woman wants to become mother very much, her will may be compared with panicking before pregnancy, then she starts looking for the first signs of pregnancy in herself. Since conception has not taken place yet, the most common processes in organism may be mistaken for being the traits of pregnancy, and a woman should not worry about that at all.

Feelings in the Stomach During the 1st Week

Soreness may follow you on the week 1 of pregnancy, and it is normal, because it is related to the beginning of menstruation. If you think it over logically, you will conclude that this stage is quite ambiguous, and you do not know yet whether this week becomes the beginning of pregnancy or not, because the ovum is still not fertilized. And it means that this is not the cause of the pain, cramps or cramping.

1 Week Pregnant Belly Pictures

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1 week pregnancy photos

Discharge During First Week Pregnancy

The first week may come along with blood discharge inherent to normal menstruation, and it is considered normal. And knowing for sure if it was the last one for the next 9 months or not is just impossible.

Pregnancy Test

clearblue test says 1 2 weeks pregnant

Pictures: Pregnancy Test Clear Blue Digital Says 1-2 Weeks Pregnant.

Before going to a gynecologist, take a pregnancy test, especially because you can do such procedure at home. The test will either confirm your pregnancy or refute it. But trying to find something out with the test during the first week makes no sense, because even the newest tests such as Clear Blue Digital show actual results only on 2nd-3rd day of menstruation delay. And again, if the first week means nothing, then the actual term is already 3 weeks.

HCG at 1 Week Pregnancy

The hCG hormone level during the first week is in the range from 0 to 5 mU/ml; such numbers are normal for a woman who does not expect a baby as well. Once embryo gets into the uterus, his outer shell begins production of this hormone. Having done the hCG analysis, you will be able to confirm you are pregnant for sure, and also to identify it even at the earliest stage.

1 Week Pregnant: What You Really Need to Know

Ultrasound in First Week of Pregnancy

Many things may become a reason to do a ultrasound on the first week, and the only exclusion may be pregnancy. A ultrasound during the week 1 of pregnancy may be prescribed only if there is a necessity in checking the uterus's thickness and presence or absence of clods, in endometrium examination, or in the check if myoma, cyst, or any other neoplasms take place.

Pregnancy can be stimulated, but only in case female ovary is unable to produce a complete ovum, which would be totally ready for fertilization. This procedure also requires doing a ultrasound on the day 2 or 3 of the beginning of menstruation. If the procedure turns out to have a positive effect, the doctor may do the ultrasound again. A nice tip: completely refrain from nicotine, any medicine, and listen to your doctors prescriptions.

1 Week Ultrasound Pictures

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1 week ultrasound photo

1 Week Ultrasound Twins

1 week ultrasound twins pictures

Miscarriage at 1 Week Pregnancy

Symptoms and Signs of Miscarriage

Early miscarriage symptoms are very different, however, in most cases, there is an abdominal pain and bleedings of different colors. Pain that occurs in the lower part of the abdomen, is very similar to the sensations during menstruation or bowel disorders.

Miscarriage at 1 week manifests its symptoms in the form of discharges. A woman can draw attention to the fact that on underwear appeared a few drops of blood, discharges of brown, beige or whitish color. However, this fact may be a sign that the egg is successfully attached to the endometrium of the uterus.

In any case, a woman, after discovering similar symptoms of early miscarriage, should seek the help of a doctor. Only timely assistance of specialists can save the pregnancy and child.

Causes of Miscarriage

Miscarriage at 1 week of pregnancy may be caused by a large number of reasons. However, for doctors and the woman herself in most cases, the main reason that caused the interruption of pregnancy, remains unknown. The most common cause of miscarriage in 1 week of pregnancy are the genetic pathologies of the fetus. Chromosomal abnormalities make the fetus unsustainable. It is not possible to save such a pregnancy.

Another common cause of miscarriage at week 1 of pregnancy the  doctors believe to be hormonal imbalances. The woman, who is in an interesting position, discharges the hormone progesterone. It helps save a pregnancy in the early stages. However,  there is a lack of progesterone at some mothers, causing the death of the fetus.

The presence of infections in the body of a woman can also cause the rejection of the fetus. ARVI can also cause early miscarriage, even if it transpires in the mild form. But particular concern cause sexually transmitted infections. One of the most formidable is herpes. Therefore, to avoid early miscarriage a woman before conception should be vaccinated against infections such as rubella and treat all infections that can harm the development of the fetus.

The cause of miscarriage in the early term may be a woman's self-medication. Many women believe that natural remedies are completely safe for the baby, and  therefore don't even think that they can provoke an early miscarriage. Therefore, for future mothers it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate. If she experiences the first symptoms of the disease, the woman should consult her gynecologist, who can pick up a safe medication that does not cause a miscarriage at week 1.

How to Prevent Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

You must reduce the physical load. Of course, pregnancy is not a contraindication to practice sport. But it is very important that all loads are in moderation to avoid miscarriage.

Don't take a bath filled with hot water. It is believed that hot water can cause rejection of the fetus due to the rise in body temperature of a future mommy. To avoid the question, how a miscarriage happens, women are encouraged to take a shower or bath with warm water.

Many women, upon learning of their pregnancy, begin to prepare for the birth of the child. And the first thing that is supposed to make is the repair in the house. However, it should be remembered that harmful vapors that are emitted when using paints and adhesives, can provoke an early miscarriage.

Very important is the issue of intimacy between spouses during pregnancy. Doctors believe that the question of how miscarriage happens and whether it can be  provoked by sex, future mother should ask their gynecologist who knows all the history. However, if there is no threat of termination of pregnancy, positive emotions, which can be obtained during intimacy are needed to the future mom.


  • Do your best to not get cold.
  • Refrain from attending public places, such as stores and public transport.
  • Make sure virus does not get you at a clinic or even at home.
  • Beware of communicable diseases, especially of rubella, isolate yourself from ill people.
  • Before doing an x-ray examination, especially if it touches abdomen, tell doctors you are planning pregnancy.
  • Stay calm, do not stress and overwork at job, and sleep well.
  • Tell your relatives about your intention and ask them to treat you well.

Recommendations for Women

  • Forget about bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Second hand smoking also does harm to a child.
  • Do not forget to get preliminary examination and, if necessary, treatment.
  • Take vitamins which your doctor has prescribed.
  • Do exercises which help strengthen your muscles and restore breath.
  • Take especial care of your diet.
  • If you used to take any medicine before, tell your doctor about it.

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SANDRA says:

I think I am pregnant, I feel sick in mornings, dizzy and the test shows one strip, maybe it's a short term. Girls, what first signs of pregnancy did you had?

Carolina says:

My periods are 14 days late. I usually have regular periods. Tell me, please, if it’s time for visiting my doctor or it’s too early?

Anonymous says:

I'm terrified I'm 14 and have been gaining a lot of weight since a week and a Half ago when I had sex for the first time we didn't really understand the condom but I think it was on right I was on my last day of my period but the boy I'm with didn't know about me being on my period he just assumed blood was natural but I can feel a very slight bump on my stomach that I can't ignore and I don't know what to do I also have had a lot of white discharge throughout the week and a half after PLEASE HELP

Nessa says:

First off, where is your parents while your TRYING not having sex..and if you dont know how to properly use a condom..why are you even having sexual relations!?!,

Racheal says:

please if you east to advise a child u have to be calm. she is only pouring out her mind.

Elliot says:

Hey let ur mum know ur present situation now

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Have missed my period today makes it 4 days am felling un easy in my tummy and am also having white discharge what could that be

tanya says:

Hiii my period are 7days late.i usually have regular periods.pls tell me what i do this time.pls reply me urgent basis.

Ashley says:

I had a miscarriage. Saturday the 1st and i also had sex that same day and my man did in me so how could I tell if I am pregnant now please help

karol says:

Hi I tested positive for pregnancy on 7/04/2017 and my LNMP was on 9/03/2017 For now I want to abort using misoprostol is it OK ?? Please help

Reality says:

First off I think u have your dates a little mixed up second thing why are you having un protected sex when you may end up with more than a pregnancy expecially since you do not plan to keep any child you become pregnant with so please be responsible go to the clinic for birth control and condoms educate yourself, respect yourself and be accountable for you actions because at the end of the day it is your body and that small fertilization becomes a small human that needs love and responsible parents

Karol says:

Is it OK to do an abortion before two weeks of pregnant

Carissa hardin says:

Look I have been wanting a baby so if you don't want it you could just give it up for adoption

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Give it to me .I have tried for a second baby for 3 years

Jennifer says:

It is never okay to have an abortion. Like previews comments say just give it for adoption.

Nusrat says:

My period date is over going 7 days !! I don't know I am preganant or not !! I want baby !! Last 3 months my period circle is going irregular !! But my period date is always happens right time !! Can you please explain that !!

anele says:

hey am 19 had sex a week ago on my most fertile days and my breast are sore;feeling feverish and today ihad cramps like my period is coming but did not and ihave these frequent headaches and am always tired is possible am pregnant

nosipho says:

wo w Anele same symptoms....so why were the results?plz help me

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My boyfriend and I had sex right after my menstruation and now I'm starting to get nausea and fatigue. I'm 23 and i missed my period 3 days ago. Am i pregnant?

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Am 1 week an days pregnant is it possible to doan abortion?

nhlanhla says:

Hi i was on the 3 months injection and stopped it. Its been 2 months now and i think i might be pregnant i have faced weight-loss, don't have appetite and have mood swings and all emotional. I get bloated and get pains in my stomach and vagina.

jessy says:

Hi, I was on the 3 Months injection as well, went through the same things your expering and Now lam 8 Months without my menses and my doctor said it's Normal.... I can't wait to start my periods and get to know that am pregnant.

Boo x says:

I was on the injection too but I came off and gained a period right away but it’s not as simple as that your cycles are a little off so having your fertile days and ovulation date spot on takes time

shantez says:

i Am 24 yrs, i always feel pain in my stomach, after eating my stomach swells, my boobs are sore 4 more than a week but they are not heavy and tender, i have missed my period 3days, i haven't done a pregnancy test, can i be pregnant???

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I'm 17 and I've been feeling a lot of soreness,back pain, nausea without throw up, I'm beinging to see a lot of fatigue and my stomach is starting to harden is it possible that I am pregnant?

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Having da same did you find out you was pregnant ?

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Irregular period is it possible to pregnant yes or no

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Can i continue taking Dhea medicin even if iam pregnant

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I'm experiencing temperature every a week to my period with serious fever and pain. What is the cause?

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Hi am 19 and I miss my period last mouth ,within the mouth I had sex more than 7 times ,and I want in for HCG but it was negative ,I did test more than 8 time but still negative, so can it be that am pregnant or not ?

Ann says:

Hi my periods started on 31/7/17 to 4th august and i had unprotected sex on 15th august, my nipples are sore and iam experiencing cramps on my lower abdomen could i be pregnant? Plz help

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I am 1 week pregnant is it possible for my belly bottom to be hard

Julie says:

I think I mite bee pregnant I'm real tired I get light head and weak and food makes me and the smell of make me sick I'm going to the bathroom every five mins

jessiejane says:

hi im jessie and im 16 yrs.old i had a first sex with my bf and im so confuses about my period and id really dont know if im pregnant beacause i expect my period days is will every last of the month so im confuses and im cry very night,,,,

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i don't knw if am pregnant,having pain in my left side of my tommy.

Hannah says:

It's been a week and my boyfriend has done in me 5 times in that week I am on birth control but ik it doesn't always work I'm having white discharge and my stomach feels as if a baby is there but idk I feel like my mind is playing games with me I'm overly scared and I'm 3 months from being 19 what should I do

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I am pregnant and don't want to keep it. please how do I get rid of it?

Rina says:

Give it to me I'll take care off it..

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I use pills so i got my period then i had sex again 7 days after my periods after that i had sex again n i took pills so my worry is can i b pregnant bcz

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hi, my boyfriend and I had sex a day before my ovulation day and he came out in me and by the day of my ovulation I took the EC pill ..how effective can it be and what are the chances of getting pregnant

Vanessa bella says:

I am very tired and weak dose it mean I am pregnant or should I go for a pregnant test

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i had sex with my boyfriend four day after my period & it is now 10 days since then but am feeling some movements in my stomach accompanied by clamps, please could i be pregnant

Selina says:

Hi I am feeling same now! What was your result?

michelle says:

hi im a week late with my period , my breast is heavy and very painfull im always tired but i dnt have anyother symptoms of pregnancy is it possible that i could be pregnant or not

Abigail says:

Am feeling pains on both nipples and some slightly abdomen pains. Can that be pregnacy

sane says:

More chances of pregnancy go for a check up

Shima says:

Hi, I missed my periods for 1 week and I have littile spotting, could i be pregnent? Pls help me

Nabila says:

Hey i got periods on 18 dec 2017 n now ifill tired evrytime i have become lazy n i fill pain in my waist n my stomach is beating like heart beat is it pssble dat am pregnant

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It is possible to get pregnant when you have sex one day before your ovulation? ??

RoseIvy says:

Hey I have had sex twice but I realized that my far end muscles are not yet broken and had unprotected sex this January av missed my periods though they ain't regular I have been feeling cramps as if my period is starting but not yet...could I be pregnant ..please help

Alicia says:

i saw my period on 7th of january and it stopped on 11th, then on 16th it started again and stopped on 17th, and since then my breast and tummy developed, my throat and stomach is beating like heart. does it mean that i'm pregnant?

Chat13 says:

I had my period but last few days I have been wakening up feeling sick but not being sick the smell and look of food is making me boak and my belly feels more tender could I be pregnant

subi says:

I had unprotected sex in my ovulation day.after 2 week i feel fatigue and cold,couge,light fever.it is due to pregnancy??

Monica says:

hi am 20years old i feel somthing moving in my stomach and i go for 5days to the periods This month i went for 3days last week i was very sick i felt like somone was stabbing me inside my stomach and vomotting alot when i eat the food was coming out after some days after periods i saw somthing anoying with small blood in my penty am i pregnant?pleas reply me am confussed pls help

Hapiness says:

Having a lower stomach pain and back pain bleeding as well 3 day's after ovulation day what is going on lady's?

sharlott styles says:

I am 17 and i had slept with my boyfriend two three days ago and i am starting to have headache and loss of weight and i dont eat that much i think i am preg nant please help me

Jojo says:

Hi I am 18 and I had sex with a guy about a week and five days ago. I haven't started my period yet but I've gained weight in my stomach like I'm bloated, I've been hiccuping and burping alot, I've been feeling nausea and having headaches, and I gotta pee like crazy all the time am I pregnant ?haven't taken a pregnancy test yet.

Stefy says:

I missed my period last month but came this month with severe pain had 3 positive pregnancy test and 1 positive blood test but Dr said nothing on ultrasound what is this? Is it too early for an ultrasound ?

Torrinisha says:

So I don’t really know how this goes but I started my period five days early and it was lighter than my usual period(pink) ,I usually get my period for 6 days but this one only lasted for 4 .. my period started 14 days after ovulation. Today is supposed to be the actual day of my period but it still hasn’t come also I’ve been feeling tired,nauseous when I eat or before I eat and sometimes after I eat, weak, kinda out of breath and slight cramping ..someone please help could I be pregnant

Fatima Ibrahim says:

Good evening, pls í need ur help, for d past a week now my breast is paining me í feel dizzy But am still expecting my period 29/4/18. So what í dont understand is am í pregnant, pls

Maureen says:

is possible to get pregnancy signs after a week of unprotected sex

Lieuty says:

I had sex with him a week ago and i feel like vomiting evrey morning and i eat a lot lately my breast are boosting

Ellie says:

I'm 15. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 28/4/18. My period usually come on the 2nd of each month but I still haven't come on. I've been feeling really nauseous, with random stomach pains. My mood swings are worse than ever and my feet feel really hot when I walk for more than 10 minutes. Could I be pregnant?!

ciara says:

Hi I'm 2 weeks pregnant but i dnt knw it's confirm or not but my vagina is itching n white discharge is often .I'm feeling sick n I had also vomit everyday now.pls help

Lexiana says:

Im 16 i had sex wed. The 9 and since then i havent felt so good. Am i paranoid like everyone says or am i pregnant?

Hajaratu says:

I last saw my menses on the 11th of April 2018. I was supposed to start again on the 9th of May according to my circle. Today is the 18th of May, am i pregnant. Thanks

Delila says:

I last saw my menses at 26th of my 2018.i was supposed to start 15 according to my circle today is 7th June and I feel funny am I pregnant thanks

Rinah#1 says:

I am having sore breast my stomach it's so itchy my arms as well at night I will sleep then wake up to nasty taste in my mouth it's being two nights since I woke up to a nasty taste in my mouth my back hurts so bad especially my breast I hadn't tested eyet but I a hoping I am because my first child need a brother /sister she's now 5 years of age ...

Cynthia says:

I had sex 22 of may 2018 and i had stomach bite for two days and after a week i started having itching and discharge.please help me.is it the sign of pregnancy.

Charity says:

Last period was 29may had sex on the 2nd and 5th of June feeling tired, cramping, really gassy and been eating too much.. Am i pregnant

tpweety says:

my period is two days late,my breasts has swollen,am having itching n feel wet,am I pregnant n I sleep n feel weak a lot without doing anything,n most importantly, am feeling uncomfortable in my stomach n back

anonymous. says:

So my boyfriend and i did “it” a week ago & two days ago i noticed a little bump on my stomach & i’ve been feeling a sharp feeling right there since yesterday. Can anyone tell me what’s going on!?

P16 says:

I had sex without a condom but my bf says the sperms didn't get in and it's been 1 week my stomach feels weird.

lorna kikuyu says:

I had sex two days after my periods and i feel headache and stomach ache around my amblicord can i be pregnant


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