1 Week Pregnant

1 Week Pregnant


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1st week of pregnancy is the 1st month, or the 1st trimester

First week of pregnancy is only a beginning of the long expectancy of a baby. What happens during the first week? The time of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last menstruation. Hormonal processes and metabolism completely change, the organism spends little energy because it prepares an ovum. A woman can be fertilized with only one ovum, even though she has 300 000 of them. For a normal conjugation process without any complications or problems, it is necessary to provide all conditions and appropriate environment. It involves:

  1. You must quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  2. Do not take any medicine, and, if there is any reason, consult doctors.
  3. Start taking vitamin complex, the main component of which is folic acid. In the list of ingredients it is mentioned as B9.
  4. Restrict your interaction with people and attendance of public places for long periods of time. It can result in infection with communicable diseases, which later will require treatment, and it is not really good in this case.
  5. Eat according to a special diet, refrain from drinking coffee and tea, eating chocolate products, from ready-to-cook and fried food. Carbohydrates can excite the expecting woman's nervous system.
  6. Go to a doctor you know, get examination, but do not do x-ray examination under any circumstances, it is forbidden. Organism feels its negative effect. And, to be on the safe side, remind your doctor you should not do it.

Key Signs Of The Beginning Of Pregnancy

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1st week of pregnancy has some traits, according to which a woman is able to guess that she is pregnant on her own, but attending a maternity welfare unit will dispel all doubts.

Defining the exact term of pregnancy, gynecologists base their calculations on the first day of the last menstruation. Nevertheless, at that moment there is still no pregnancy, and that is why the first week is the vaguest. And only when menstruation is over, which is on days 10-12 of the full cycle, ovulation comes along with appearance of mature ovum, completely ready to be fertilized.

At this very moment woman's nervous system undergoes certain alterations, changes its hormones for a single purpose, which may be preparing one ovum out of the many for fertilizing. The first week of pregnancy is only a supposed week; at that point conception does not happen yet.

If a woman wants to become mother very much, her will may be compared with panicking before pregnancy, then she starts looking for the first signs of pregnancy in herself. Since conception has not taken place yet, the most common processes in organism may be mistaken for being the traits of pregnancy, and a woman should not worry about that at all.

Feelings In The Stomach During The 1st Week

Soreness may follow you on the week 1 of pregnancy, and it is normal, because it is related to the beginning of menstruation. If you think it over logically, you will conclude that this stage is quite ambiguous, and you do not know yet whether this week becomes the beginning of pregnancy or not, because the ovum is still not fertilized. And it means that this is not the cause of the pain.

Picture Of A 1st Week Belly

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Discharge During The First Week

The first week may come along with blood discharge inherent to normal menstruation, and it is considered normal. And knowing for sure if it was the last one for the next 9 months or not is just impossible.

Pregnancy Test

Before going to a gynecologist, take a pregnancy test, especially because you can do such procedure at home. The test will either confirm your pregnancy or refute it. But trying to find something out with the test during the first week makes no sense, because even the newest tests show actual results only on 2nd-3rd day of menstruation delay. And again, if the first week means nothing, then the actual term is already 3 weeks.

HCG During The Week 1

The hCG hormone level during the first week is in the range from 0 to 5 mU/ml; such numbers are normal for a woman who does not expect a baby as well. Once embryo gets into the uterus, his outer shell begins production of this hormone. Having done the hCG analysis, you will be able to confirm you are pregnant for sure, and also to identify it even at the earliest stage.

US On The First Week Of Pregnancy

Many things may become a reason to do a US on the first week, and the only exclusion may be pregnancy; the confirmation of that is in the written below. A US during the week 1 of pregnancy may be prescribed only if there is a necessity in checking the uterus's thickness and presence or absence of clods, in endometrium examination, or in the check if myoma, cyst, or any other neoplasms take place.

Pregnancy can be stimulated, but only in case female ovary is unable to produce a complete ovum, which would be totally ready for fertilization. This procedure also requires doing a US on the day 2 or 3 of the beginning of menstruation. If the procedure turns out to have a positive effect, the doctor may do the US again.

Ultrasound During The First Week

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A nice tip: completely refrain from nicotine, any medicine, and listen to your doctors prescriptions.


Do your best to not get cold. Refrain from attending public places, such as stores and public transport. Make sure virus does not get you at a clinic or even at home. Beware of communicable diseases, especially of rubella, isolate yourself from ill people. Before doing an x-ray examination, especially if it touches abdomen, tell doctors you are planning pregnancy. Stay calm, do not stress and overwork at job, and sleep well. Tell your relatives about your intention and ask them to treat you well.


Forget about bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Second hand smoking also does harm to a child. Do not forget to get preliminary examination and, if necessary, treatment. Take vitamins which your doctor has prescribed. Do exercises which help strengthen your muscles and restore breath. Take especial care of your diet. If you used to take any medicine before, tell your doctor about it.

SANDRA says:

I think I am pregnant, I feel sick in mornings, dizzy and the test shows one strip, maybe it's a short term. Girls, what first signs of pregnancy did you had?

Carolina says:

My periods are 14 days late. I usually have regular periods. Tell me, please, if it’s time for visiting my doctor or it’s too early?

Anonymous says:

I'm terrified I'm 14 and have been gaining a lot of weight since a week and a Half ago when I had sex for the first time we didn't really understand the condom but I think it was on right I was on my last day of my period but the boy I'm with didn't know about me being on my period he just assumed blood was natural but I can feel a very slight bump on my stomach that I can't ignore and I don't know what to do I also have had a lot of white discharge throughout the week and a half after PLEASE HELP

Nessa says:

First off, where is your parents while your TRYING not having sex..and if you dont know how to properly use a condom..why are you even having sexual relations!?!,

Dizat says:

Have missed my period today makes it 4 days am felling un easy in my tummy and am also having white discharge what could that be

tanya says:

Hiii my period are 7days late.i usually have regular periods.pls tell me what i do this time.pls reply me urgent basis.

Ashley says:

I had a miscarriage. Saturday the 1st and i also had sex that same day and my man did in me so how could I tell if I am pregnant now please help

karol says:

Hi I tested positive for pregnancy on 7/04/2017 and my LNMP was on 9/03/2017 For now I want to abort using misoprostol is it OK ?? Please help

Karol says:

Is it OK to do an abortion before two weeks of pregnant


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